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Knee Pain Doctors






Where Can I Find The Top Knee Pain Doctor NYC?

If you are looking for top rated knee doctors near me or a sports knee doctor near me, then you aren’t alone. Your search may have taken you from the best knee doctor brooklyn, to the Arthritis Relief Center Smithtown ny, to the Jersey Arthritis and Knee Pain Center. There are indeed an abundance of locations offering knee pain treatments due to increasing demands for help.

Knee problems are becoming increasingly common across the United States. This is partly due to our sedentary modern lifestyles. However, knee pain (both acute and chronic knee pain) can also be a symptom of another underlying health condition like arthritis. Arthritis can be a painful condition caused by inflammation of the knee joint due to lack of joint fluid/ wear and tear over time. If left untreated, knee pain can get worse or lead to secondary problems, e.g. postural changes due to overcompensation of the unaffected knee.

Due to the various symptoms and potential problems knee pain can create, it’s important to visit a knee doctor new york. Where is the best knee pain doctor NYC?

The best knee injury specialist is a board certified, Harvard trained knee pain doctor. Knee pain doctors (also known as a knee specialist or orthopedic knee doctor) are leaders in the field of pain medicine. They have access to the latest non-surgical knee pain treatments that minimize risk and maximize health. Unlike orthopedic knee surgeons, a top knee specialist new york promotes health by using the latest techniques in regenerative medicine and avoiding invasive surgeries.

Nowadays, knee dr orthopedic surgeons nyc rely on surgical treatments to alleviate knee pain. However, knee replacement and other types of knee surgery is risky and relies on the use of narcotics, NSAIDs and opioids. Surgical intervention also requires long recovery periods. During this period, there is risk of secondary infection and potential over-reliance on pain medicines which can create negative side effects. If you have searched for ‘knee orthopedic surgeons near me’ and ‘knee hospital near me,’ then you may want to have the chance to fully explore all your treatment options before committing to surgery. There are many low risk, highly effective conservative knee treatments that avoid risky and unnecessary surgery. Later on, we’ll look at some examples of these innovative treatments in more detail.

What Happens When I Visit A Knee Specialist Near Me?

Before committing to surgical treatment with a knee surgery doctor nyc, consider discussing non-surgical treatment choices with the best knee pain doctor NYC. Our board certified, Harvard pain doctors are knee orthopedic specialists who use innovative and exciting treatments that avoid risky and unnecessary knee surgery.

During your consultation, your knee pain doctor nyc will explore your medical history and your knee pain complaint. Once they have completed a physical examination of the knee joint, they may order blood tests and scans to rule out other potential underlying health conditions. Using all of this information, your pain doctor will provide you with a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan. This may involve R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) in conjunction with a minimally invasive treatment choice. Our pain doctors can even recommend the best physical therapist to assist in your rehabilitation.

Before committing to risky and potentially unnecessary knee surgery, consider exploring your treatment choices in full with one of our board certified, Harvard knee pain doctors.

Our state of the art clinic is located in the heart of the Big Apple, next to the Flatiron neighborhood. We are not too far from Madison Square Park. We regularly welcome international patients who come to receive exceptional minimally invasive treatments that promote health and minimize risk.

What Are The Top Knee Treatments? 

Now that we’ve looked at why you should visit one of our top knee pain doctors nyc, let’s take a look at some of the best conservative treatments on the market. The following knee pain treatments are provided by our highly skilled Harvard doctors.

Steroid Knee Injections

If you’re looking for treatments by the best knee doctor near me, then steroid injections will probably be the first port of call. Steroid injections are a popular treatment option because they are low risk, highly effective and provide immediate pain relief. Their quick and simple application is very appealing and can help a variety of knee conditions. Steroid injections contain a local anesthetic and corticosteroid which reduces inflammation and subsequent pain in the knee joint. Some knee pain doctors even use X-Ray guidance to ensure they inject into the most accurate place in the knee joint. Patients can receive steroid injections 2-3 times for maximum effect.

Genicular Nerve Block

This treatment is an excellent choice because it enables your pain doctor to have both a diagnostic and therapeutic advantage. This means genicular nerve blocks can be used to assess the knee joint as well as treat it.

During this procedure, a pain doctor uses X-Ray guidance to insert needles around the knee. They then use local anesthetic to inject near the genicular nerves in the knee joint. Once the local anesthetic has been injected, it will stop the genicular nerves from sending pain signals to the brain. This enables fast and effective pain relief which can last for long periods of time.

Radiofrequency Ablation of Genicular Nerve

In a slightly similar way to a genicular nerve block, radiofrequency ablation is when a pain doctor inserts needles around the knee joint. In contrast to a genicular nerve block (which uses local anesthetic) radiofrequency ablation uses alternating heat technology to increase the temperature of the genicular nerves. By heating up the nerves, your pain doctor is stopping nerve signals from being carried to the brain. To ensure you are comfortable, your pain doctor will provide you with a pain medicine to make you a little drowsy. They will also perform some quick test runs to ensure the needles are placed in the correct areas of the knee joint before beginning to heat up the genicular nerves. Radiofrequency ablation is a popular treatment choice with a high success rate.

Physical Therapy

In addition to these treatments, the best orthopedic knee doctor near me will be able to provide a top rated physical therapist. Physical therapy can help to increase flexibility and movement in affected joints. Your physical therapist will provide you with simple exercises to increase strength, flexibility and motion in your knee joint. This can work very well in conjunction with one of our minimally invasive treatments.

The Top Four Credentials Of Our Harvard Pain Doctors

It’s important to feel confident in the knowledge that your knee pain doctor can provide you with exceptional standards of care. At our state of the art clinic in midtown manhattan, our pain doctors understand why you might be concerned about your pain. That’s why they will take time getting to understand your problem so that they can provide you with the best treatment for knee pain.

Our doctors are passionate about providing the best knee pain treatment in nyc. This is reflected in the years of knowledge and experience they have accumulated over their career to date. Let’s look at the top four credentials of the best knee pain doctor nyc:

  • Board certification – all of our pain doctors have achieved board certification. A few of our doctors even have triple board certification! This shows that they have passed rigorous medical examinations and are at the highest possible level in their field of expertise.
  • Harvard alumni – our pain doctors are graduates of Ivy League institutions. These institutions only accept students with the highest academic and personal calibre to meet the high expectations required. Our pain doctors are committed to continually educating the next generation of physicians and contribute to further advancing medical knowledge and research.
  • Minimally invasive treatments – using the latest techniques in regenerative medicine to minimize pain and maximise health is at the heart of our knee orthopedic doctors. Rather than relying on invasive surgical treatments and use of narcotics, our pain doctors promote health by using the latest conservative treatments available.
  • Friendly and caring – Our pain doctors view you are more than just a patient with symptoms – they are passionate about getting you back on your feet and promoting your health. They work hard to ensure your mind can be put at ease. It’s important to establish healthy doctor-patient relationships to achieve positive treatment outcomes. A healthy relationship with your pain doctor is vital to having a positive treatment experience.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with an exceptional doctor in nyc, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our top rated team today.