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Ilitobial Band Syndrome

What is it and how do we treat it?

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Your iliotibial band is a tendon that runs down the outside of your thigh, extending from your pelvic bones to the top of your shin bones. It helps you extend and rotate your hip, and also stabilizes the side of your knee. Every time you bend or extend your leg, this band moves over the outer edge of your thigh bone. When this motion is repeated excessively, it causes inflammation in the tendons, bones, and bursae in that area.

IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome occurs when this tendon becomes inflamed or irritated from friction against your knee or hip bones. Repeated bending and extension of your knee is the primary cause of this condition, which is why it’s common in runners and cyclists. Also called IT band syndrome, common symptoms include aching, tenderness, warmth, or feeling a clicking sensation on the outside of your knee.

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Iliotibial band syndrome is a progressive condition that worsens over time. At first, you may feel an aching or burning pain on the outside of one, or both, of your knees. Many people only feel this pain when they are exercising, and do not experience this pain during everyday activities. A common symptom of iliotibial band syndrome is pain when your foot first hits the ground in activities like running or jogging.

IT Band Syndrome


A corticosteroid injection is a powerful and targeted pain relief tool with minimal side effects. Your pain doctor determines the exact area for injection, and then administers a steroid shot that dramatically reduces pain and swelling.


PT sessions utilize specific exercises designed to strengthen your knee and hip muscles. Additionally, you’ll learn stretches designed to relieve your IT band pain.

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