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Knee Pain Doctors






Think of all the regular activities you complete throughout the course of a day in NYC. You get up early, hit the gym, walk to work, move from space to space in the office, bend and stoop for dinner groceries, squat to relight the pilot on the stove that just won’t stay lit, take the dog for a jog, and eventually hit the hay. How many times during the course of your day did you depend on your knees for stability and strength? If your knees don’t ache, then it’s unlikely you paid any attention. However, if you suffer from knee pain, you felt all of these movements, and likely even altered some of your actions to avoid feeling knee joint pain.

Trying to identify the root of knee pain is best left to knee pain specialists and pain management doctors. If you’re ready to find pain relief, it’s time to seek a knee pain doctor near me in NY to book an appointment. Where should you turn? Place a call to Pain Treatment Specialists , the top pain doctors in NYC. Our Harvard-trained pain doctors are world-class practitioners of interventional pain medicine, meaning that they avoid surgical treatments for knee joint pain.

What Can a Knee Pain Doctor Near Me in NY Do For Knee Pain?

When you schedule a consultation with the expert pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, one of the discussions you’ll have is what course of treatment is best suited for your chronic knee pain. As the top pain management doctors in NYC, the team at Pain Treatment Specialists have a variety of state of the art treatments to manage your knee pain and joint pain including:

  • Steroid Knee Injection: Also known as a corticosteroid, a steroid knee injection decreases pain and inflammation in your knee. This fast-acting injection offers pain relief from inflamed knee joints, bursa, tendons, and muscles that support your knees. Your pain doctor uses their expertise to identify the affected area after a thorough consultation, and also using ultrasound or x-ray guidance.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: This cutting-edge treatment is also known as G-block, and is only offered at the top knee pain doctor near me in NY. If you suffer from severe knee pain, a G-block can provide tremendous pain relief by blocking pain signals to the brain. A G-block is also used to see if there are progressive changes within the knee joint, such as arthritis. Its use as both a diagnostic and pain management tool are highly-effective for treating knee pain.

Ready to find out how a pain management doctor in New York City can treat your chronic knee pain? Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, the best knee pain doctor near me in NY.

Common Knee Pain Causes

Not only is knee pain common, it is also highly treatable. At your initial consultation with a knee pain doctor near me in NY, your pain doctor will outline some of the potential causes of your knee pain. Knee pain falls into one of these three major categories:

  1. Acute Injury: Have you recently fallen, had a car accident, or twisted your knee in an unusual motion? You may have suffered an acute injury, which includes broken bones, meniscus tears, or torn ligaments. Ligament injuries are very common, with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries leading the pack. This occurs when you suddenly stop and change directions while walking, running, or jumping. Trauma such as fractures cause the knee bones to break, making weight-bearing activities like walking and climbing stairs nearly impossible.
  2. Overuse or Chronic Conditions: If you experience redness, swelling, limping, inability to bend or straighten your leg, or knee instability, you may suffer from overuse or a chronic knee pain condition. Conditions such as patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee) result from the overuse of your patella tendon while running, jumping, or kicking. Bursitis is inflammation in your bursa, which are the tiny, fluid-filled sacs near your joints. This occurs when you use repetitive motions or place pressure on a specific bursa.
  3. Medical Conditions: Rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition that affects the joints, is considered a medical condition that causes knee pain. This also applies to gout, and septic arthritis. A previously underlying medical condition is the source of your chronic knee pain.

Your knee pain doctor has a depth of experience in the symptoms, causes, and treatments of chronic knee pain.

The Top Knee Pain Doctor in NYC

The highly-qualified pain doctor in NYC is found at midtown’s Pain Treatment Specialists. Not only are our doctors Harvard-trained, but their kind and compassionate bedside manner makes it easy to describe your chronic pain concerns. Dr. George Hanna is one of the most accomplished and respected pain doctors in NY, as well as the nation. As a former faculty member of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Hanna’s knowledge of pain medicine and interventional pain techniques is sought after by his colleagues across the country.

Located near the famed Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan, Pain Treatment Specialists’ knee pain doctors shine as brightly as the lights in the Big Apple. Contact our team today to see how our pain doctors can get you back to a pain-free life.