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Knee Pain Doctors






Whether you’ve just moved to a new town, or you’re a lifelong resident, finding the best services in your town is often done through word of mouth. Before trying the new pizzeria up the street, you ask your neighbors if they’ve already ordered from there. “Yes!” they reply, “Easily the best pie in town.” Same goes for finding the best cuts of meat. “Stay away from that store– the last package of ground beef I had was slimy. Head over to my butcher instead.” If you suffer from chronic knee pain and are considering knee pain treatment in NYC, you ask your friends and colleagues if they’ve had these same issues, and where they went for treatment. “Pain Treatment Specialists” is the unanimous response, as all of your friends rave about this cutting-edge pain clinic.

There are many reasons why you’ll find the best knee treatment near me in NYC at Pain Treatment Specialists. First, all of our knee pain doctors are Harvard trained, board certified, and leaders in the field of interventional pain management. Secondly, our pain management doctors treat chronic knee pain, knee arthritis, joint pain, and pain and swelling with minimally invasive knee pain treatments. Perhaps the most compelling reason so many people recommend Pain Treatment Specialists is that our knee pain doctors are great listeners who genuinely care about removing knee pain from their patients’ lives. At our pain clinic, you are not rushed through your appointment, and your pain doctor thoroughly explains both the diagnosis and treatment of your chronic knee pain.

What Does a Knee Treatment Near Me in NYC Look Like?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain doctors do not recommend surgical treatment unless it is medically necessary. This is because you can find effective pain relief through a knee treatment near me in NYC. Our pain management doctors are trained in interventional pain management, which means that their education and professional practices are focused on using injections, ablations, and nerve blocks to relieve chronic knee pain. Some of our knee pain treatments in NYC include:

  • Physical Therapy: If your knee feels stiff from knee arthritis, or you’ve recently suffered a knee injury, then physical therapy is an excellent tool to regain strength and flexibility in your knee. A physical therapist works in conjunction with your knee pain doctor to create a customized knee pain treatment plan. Your physical therapist uses their knowledge of exercise science to create a training program including curls, leg dips, and squats to build strength in the problematic areas of your knee.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation of Genicular Nerve: Abbreviated as GNRFA, this cutting-edge knee pain treatment uses heat energy to stop pain signals that radiate from genicular nerves to your brain. Your knee pain doctor uses a special x-ray to identify the affected genicular nerves, and then uses heat energy to block  pain signals.

Your pain management doctor uses their expertise to create a treatment plan that works for your specific chronic knee pain concerns. Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists to see how our minimally invasive knee pain treatments in NYC work to eliminate chronic knee pain.

Why Should I Avoid Surgical Treatment for Knee Arthritis?

Inflammation in your knee joints is a telltale sign of knee arthritis. Lack of flexibility, pain and swelling, and joint pain are the symptoms associated with knee arthritis. This condition is extremely painful, and makes climbing stairs, walking, and other activities difficult. If you meet with an orthopedic surgeon for your knee pain, surgical treatments such as a knee replacement are discussed. However, the pain management doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists do not recommend surgical treatment for knee pain in NYC unless medically necessary. Some of the reasons why we discourage surgery include:

  1. Surgery is Invasive and Disruptive: Pursuing knee surgery requires a lot of extra help and assistance. Not only is the invasive surgery painful, requiring a good deal of recovery time, you will need a lot of help to do basic tasks once you return home.
  2. Is it Effective?: You could go through the pain and inconvenience of knee surgery only to find that your knee pain still exists. This could require additional surgeries to try and eliminate your knee pain.
  3. Many Other Options Work!: There are a host of minimally invasive knee pain treatments in NYC that are highly-effective and do not involve surgical treatment. Why not explore these options first? The downtime for these pain management procedures is minimal, while the results are exceptional.

Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists to see how a knee treatment near me in NYC doesn’t need to involve surgical treatment for effective knee pain relief.

How Can I Treat Knee Joint Pain and Swelling at Home?

Knee joint pain and swelling are two common symptoms of knee arthritis. The result of suffering from knee pain is that you tend to avoid activities where you know your knee pain will flare up. When your friends go out golfing, you decide to sit it out. When your family wants to go on a bike ride, you know that the pain you’ll feel after isn’t worth it. However, the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists recommend a few at-home knee pain treatments to help relieve your pain and swelling:

  1. Stay Active: Osteoarthritis is a common cause of knee pain, and keeping your knee moving improves cartilage health. Avoid high-impact exercises like running on pavement, but walking, swimming, and yoga are all great ways to keep your knee fluid and moving.
  2. Watch Your Weight: The lighter you are, the less stress is put on your knee joints. Maintain a healthy weight to help your knees.
  3. RICE: This acronym stands for rest, ice compress, and elevate. Rest your knee when possible and avoid activities that are too strenuous. Ice your knee in 20 minute intervals to reduce swelling, and compress it with a bandage for extra support. Elevate your knee with a chair or pillows to increase circulation and decrease swelling.

Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists today to discuss a knee treatment near me in NYC. Located on Madison Avenue, near Bryant Park, our clinic is easily accessible for patients experiencing chronic knee pain in NYC and northern New Jersey.