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Knee Pain Doctors






Finding the best goods and services near you is part of learning your neighborhood and community. There might be 5 bakeries in your town, but one is clearly head and shoulders above the others. Of all the mechanics in town, your family swears by that one shop on West Main Street that is reliable and affordable. The same goes for pain doctors in NY. If you just search for “knee treatment near me in NY”, you’ll find pages of results. How do you know which knee pain doctor is the best in your area?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team prides itself on being the top team of pain management doctors in NY. Not only are all of our doctors Harvard-trained and leaders in the field of interventional pain management, each of our doctors takes the time to develop a trusting relationship with their patients. The knee doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists genuinely care about returning patients to a pain-free life, and giving them the freedom to live life to its fullest. Our pain doctors know how much chronic knee pain affects your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and strive to find a minimally-invasive knee pain treatment that offers outstanding pain relief.

What Are The Most Effective Knee Treatments Near Me in NY?

The pain management doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists utilize the top knee treatments near me in NY. Knee surgery is not a pain relief or treatment option discussed by our knee doctors unless medically necessary. This is because our pain specialists know what kind of major life disruption knee surgery presents– from time off of work, to the inability to walk, to the need for extra help for even small tasks. Instead, our pain doctors utilize minimally invasive knee pain treatments that provide knee pain relief with very little down time. Some of the top knee treatments near me in NY include:

  • Steroid Knee Injection: Injections are a great way to find immediate knee pain relief. During a steroid knee injection, your pain management doctor draws a corticosteroid into a syringe, and identifies the area for injection using an x-ray. The goal is to make sure the corticosteroid finds its mark, and does not disrupt surrounding tissues or blood vessels. A corticosteroid reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, making it a highly-effective tool for knee pain management.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: Genicular nerves are highly sensitive, and move pain signals to the brain. During a G-block, your pain doctor identifies the troublesome genicular nerves in your knee using an x-ray. A local anesthetic injection is used to numb the genicular nerves around the knee, which blocks your knee pain.

Don’t suffer with chronic knee pain when there are plenty of minimally invasive knee pain treatments that provide tremendous pain relief. Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, where you’ll find the best knee treatment near me in NY.

Is Knee Surgery a Good Knee Pain Treatment?

Unless it is medically necessary, you should avoid knee surgery. There are many knee pain treatment options, such as nerve blocks and steroid injections that should be utilized before considering knee surgery. A pain specialist, such as the team at Pain Treatment Specialists, know that chronic knee pain is often managed through interventional pain treatments, and not surgery. If you’ve met with an orthopedic surgeon or knee surgeon who recommends knee surgery, here are some things to consider before committing to that procedure:

  1. Will it work? Surgery is an invasive procedure that quite literally takes you off of your feet for several weeks while you heal. The surgery itself is painful, and the recovery time is weeks, if not months long. After you’ve gone through all of this pain and discomfort, what if the surgery was not effective at treating your knee pain? You’ll be subjected to yet another surgery to try and “fix” what wasn’t corrected the first time.
  2. Do you have enough help? Knee surgery requires a lot of advance planning. You’ll need to notify your job that you won’t be able to come in for a few weeks while you recover, and you’ll also need to make sure that your friends/family are available when you return from the surgery. Going to the bathroom, getting into bed, and getting into a car will all require assistance, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough help during this time.
  3. Should I take narcotics for pain relief after surgery? Since knee surgery is an invasive procedure, you’ll be prescribed opioids or narcotics for pain relief. They will certainly take away your post-surgery pain, but are also highly-addictive. Many people unintentionally become addicted to pain pills while trying to recover from surgery. Any time you can choose a different route than surgery prevents your exposure to these pills.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our top team of interventional pain doctors know that they can remove knee pain from your life without having to resort to knee surgery.

The Best Pain Doctor in New York City?

Pain Treatment Specialists has not just one, but an entire team of the best pain doctors in New York City. Each pain specialist spends their career studying and perfecting the interventional pain treatments used in their pain clinic, which has the most cutting-edge knee treatments near me in NY. One of the top pain management doctors in NY is:

  • Dr. Shane Volney: During his 7 years as a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Volney taught students in the fields of palliative care, pain medicine, and anesthesiology. The same techniques and treatments he instructed at Harvard are on display at Pain Treatment Specialists, where only the best knee treatments are used for every patient.

Look for the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan, and you’ll be close to Pain Treatment Specialists’ knee pain clinic. Located on Madison Avenue, Pain Treatment Specialists offer the best knee treatments near me in NY.