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Is Knee Surgery Necessary? | Advice From A Pain Doctor

The best knee treatment near me new york is based at this state of the art pain clinic Manhattan. This modern and friendly Harvard clinic houses a team of board certified knee experts who use the latest minimally invasive procedures to target knee pain. Best of all, this top-rated Harvard pain center New York avoids using risky surgeries or prescribing narcotics, opioids and NSAIDs.

Nowadays, many orthopedic surgeons can rely too heavily on knee surgery, narcotics, opioids and NSAIDs. However, knee surgery is not always necessary and can sometimes create even more health problems. For example, common knee surgery risks include: infection, issues with anesthesia, blood clots, pain and swelling.

Whilst knee joint problems are common for millions of Americans, there are many ways to successfully treat painful knees without undergoing risky surgeries or taking narcotics. Knee pain doctors at this Harvard clinic NY believe in using the latest cutting-edge procedures which maximize your health and minimize any risks associated with invasive procedures and narcotics. These modern and innovative procedures are low risk and highly effective in treating a wide range of knee problems.

Before committing to risky and potentially unnecessary knee surgery, it’s important you schedule an appointment at this Harvard pain center Manhattan. Just because you have painful knees doesn’t mean your knee pain treatment has to be! Let’s look at some of the best minimally invasive knee treatments currently on the market.

What Are The Best Knee Treatments?

So far, we’ve seen that the best knee treatment near me new york is not always surgery or using narcotics. A top-rated knee pain specialist at this state of the art Harvard clinic can diagnose and treat your knee pain using the best non-invasive methods in new york ny.

These minimally invasive knee treatments combine the latest techniques in medicine with a holistic approach to healthcare. Best of all, they are pain free and allow you to return to your daily activities a lot faster than if you underwent knee surgery.

Let’s look at the most popular knee treatments provided by top pain management doctors.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are the first recommendation for knee joint pain. They are low risk and have high success rates.

A steroid injection contains a mixture of a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medicine. The local anesthetic provides instant pain relief whilst the corticosteroid medicine reduces any pain and inflammation in the knee joint.

Steroid injections help many individuals to return to daily activities with relative ease. Some individuals receive 2-3 steroid injections for maximum effect. They are quick, pain free and safe treatment option.

Genicular Nerve Block

A genicular nerve block is when a pain management doctor injects local anesthetic near the genicular nerves in the knee. The local anesthetic numbs the genicular nerves and this prevents them from sending pain information from the knee joint to the brain. Some pain doctors even use X-Ray guidance so that they can inject the best possible areas of the knee joint.

Radiofrequency Ablation of the Genicular Nerve

Radiofrequency ablation is an innovative and exciting area of pain medicine. It is when radiofrequency energy is used to heat up the genicular nerves in the knee so that they become deactivated.

During this procedure, a pain doctor uses alternating current technology to transmit radiofrequency energy to the genicular nerves in the knee joint. This deactivates the genicular nerves and means they are unable to send pain information to the brain. As a result, long-lasting pain relief is achieved in a safe way.

Radiofrequency ablation is a new area of pain technology that boasts highly successful outcomes. It has helped many individuals to avoid unnecessary knee surgery and is an excellent option for those not wanting to take steroid medicine.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component created by the body to increase the lubrication of joints. If you have a condition like arthritis, your joints may become painful, inflamed and swollen due to a lack of lubricated and supple cartilage.

Hyaluronic acid injections are an excellent way to combat painful and stiff joints. A top knee doctor can inject HA directly into the knee joint. This allows the knee joint to become more lubricated again. This means the bones can glide easily one over the other and the joint becomes more fluid.

Physical Therapy  

The best knee treatment near me new york may involve physical therapy in conjunction with a minimally invasive treatment option. A board certified doctor New York can recommend a top physical therapist to work with you during your treatment program.

A physical therapist will provide you with gentle exercises to complete at home. These exercises help you to increase the mobility, flexibility and strength of the knee joint. 

What Is A Pain Doctor?

There are many reasons you might experience knee pain, ranging from meniscus tears to shin bone pain to arthritic joints. As a result, it’s vital you understand exactly what is causing your knee pain and how best to treat it. A board certified pain doctor can assess you and provide a diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan. So now, you might be wondering ‘what is a pain doctor?’

A pain doctor is a pain management specialist who has expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of functional pain complaints. Regardless of whether you have pain in your neck, back, elbow, hip, or knee, a top-rated pain doctor New York will be here to help you.

Pain doctors avoid using risky surgeries and narcotics. Instead, they create customized care plans for each patient that are centered around minimally invasive options that are maximally effective. At this state of the art Manhattan clinic, you will be treated by doctors at the top of their field. They are:-

  • Board certified – all of the doctors at this state of the art clinic in Midtown Manhattan have achieved double (and even triple) board certification! Board certified doctors have passed rigorous medical examinations and have reached the highest possible levels of medical training.
  • Harvard alumni – our doctors are graduates of Harvard Medical School – the number one medical school in the world. They consistently demonstrate their medical and scientific knowledge by achieving exceptional patient outcomes. They are also committed to training future physicians in the field of pain medicine. Many of our pain doctors are experienced Clinical Instructors at Harvard Medical School as well as having contributed widely to medical conferences, textbooks and scientific articles. They are dedicated to further advancing areas of pain medicine to provide the safest and healthiest treatment options.
  • Based in state of the art clinics – this modern and spacious clinic is located in the heart of the Big Apple. It regularly welcomes patients from around the world who want to receive the best in pain care. This clean and friendly clinic has been selected as a Center of Excellence. It has excellent transport links and is close to both Penn Station and Grand Central station.
  • Passionate about your health – rather than using invasive procedures or narcotics, these Harvard pain specialists create custom care plans that puts your health first. Minimally invasive knee treatments are the best way to maximize your health. That’s why these pain doctors advocate spending time with each patient to understand their pain complaint. They use this information to create a personalized care plan that suits.