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Knee Pain Doctors






Moving is already a stressful event, but when you suffer from knee pain the process is even more trying. The process of organizing and sorting years of your life is emotional, but the physical act of having to lift and remove boxes from your home is excruciating. You find yourself having to take lots of breaks to sit down, but the slowly disappearing chairs and couches make even this simple task complicated. As soon as you’re settled in your new apartment, you vow to find the best knee treatment near me in Midtown.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, located conveniently in midtown Manhattan on Madison Avenue, our knee pain clinic offers a wide variety of chronic pain treatments for knee pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. The team of Harvard-trained pain doctors utilize a variety of minimally-invasive knee pain treatments such as platelet rich plasma therapy, steroid injections, and nerve blocks to treat your knee joint pain. When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re committing to taking the first step towards a pain-free life… which now includes unpacking all of your boxes!

What Are Some of the Best Knee Treatments Near Me in Midtown?

Scheduling an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists is the best option for treating chronic knee pain. If you meet with orthopedic surgeons or spine surgeons, know that back surgery is often the recommended procedure. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our board certified knee pain doctors use minimally-invasive knee treatments near me in Midtown. This is because our team spent their careers training to develop and refine their skills in interventional pain medicine, which uses cutting-edge technology for knee pain treatments. Some of the top knee treatments near me in Manhattan include:

  • Genicular Nerve Block: This cutting-edge procedure is also known as a G-block, which treats the genicular nerves that send pain signals to the brain. Your knee pain doctor in NYC uses an x-ray guidance to ensure proper needle placement, and then positions the injection near your genicular nerve. A local anesthetic is injected to numb the nerve, and is repeated at different sites around the knee to block all genicular nerves. The result is instantaneous pain relief that lasts for a long time.
  • Steroid Knee Injection: A corticosteroid is used during a steroid knee injection, which reduces pain and inflammation in your knee. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, a steroid knee injection provides minimally invasive knee pain relief.

When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll find a variety of knee treatments near me in Midtown that relieve your chronic knee pain.

What Are Some Chronic Pain Treatments I Can Do At Home?

You may find some pain relief by completing pain treatments at home. While this is no substitute for booking an appointment with a board certified pain doctor, it does give you some knee pain relief before your visit. According to our knee pain doctors in NYC, here are some at-home knee pain treatments that are useful:

  1. Use Over-the-Counter Pain Relief:At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain doctors in New York never prescribe opiates or narcotics for pain relief. Instead, the team relies on minimally-invasive knee pain treatments that are highly-effective for knee pain. However, you can use OTC pain relief as long as you follow the dosing instructions. Over-the-counter pain relief is non-habit forming, and provides temporary relief from knee pain.
  2. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate: This series of knee pain relief steps is commonly known as “RICE.” Athletes use these steps for sports injuries, but they are also effective treatments for knee pain. The first step is rest, which means that you need to stay off of your knee as much as possible. Limit the amount of stairs or squatting and bending you do on a daily basis, and alter your exercise routine. Ice your knee in 20 minute intervals, which reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation. You don’t need a special ice pack for this, and in a pinch a bag or towel full of ice cubes is just fine. Compress your knee with a bandage or athletic tape when you go out for extra support. Try to elevate your knee with a chair while you’re sitting to relieve pressure on your knee joint.

The best knee treatments near me in Midtown are found at Pain Treatment Specialists, but you can also complete these at-home knee pain treatments for temporary pain relief.

How Does Chronic Pain Affect My Life?

If you live with chronic knee pain, then you already know the many ways that it affects your life. During your recent move, you weren’t as useful as you would have liked due to your chronic knee pain. This isn’t the only time that you’ve felt inadequate when trying to compensate for your chronic knee pain. Knee pain doesn’t only affect your physical abilities, it can also be mentally and emotionally draining.

People that suffer from chronic pain report a lack of solid sleep due to their chronic pain issues. For example, you may struggle with a solid 8 hours of sleep because you can’t get comfortable during the night. Not getting proper rest makes you tired and irritable in the morning, but is also linked to an increased risk of high blood pressure. Your body needs sufficient time to reset overnight, and without that time your physical and mental health suffer.

Emotionally, chronic pain sufferers also experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. Sure, you want to go out and meet your friends for a vigorous hike, but know that your knee pain is too intense for that kind of activity. It might be embarrassing to admit how much knee pain you’re feeling, so you just reject the offer. This leads to feelings of guilt, and also loneliness. When you make that first step to call a knee pain doctor in NYC, you’re making a brave change in your life.

Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists, which is conveniently located in Midtown. Nearby landmarks include Penn Station and the Empire State Building, which let you know you’re about to receive the best knee treatment near me in Midtown.