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Knee Pain Doctors






If you live in NYC, you might be numb to the amount of advertisements you see on a daily basis. The city is swarming with print advertisements, flyers, billboards, subway ads, bus ads, and even roving billboards driving throughout the city. Amid all of this noise, how can you discern which product or service is the best, or really does what its ads claim?

Living with knee pain from a knee injury or from wear and tear is something that makes you desperate for pain relief. It’s difficult to walk a block without feeling like your knee needs a break, and it interferes with every social gathering and activity as you’re scouting for the nearest place to sit. It would be easy to make a call to the first advertisement you see in Midtown Manhattan for pain relief, but how do you know it’s a good call? If you read patient reviews and look closely at the knee pain doctors on staff, you’ll see that Pain Treatment Specialists is the right call for pain management. Their knee treatments in Midtown Manhattan are not only minimally-invasive, but also highly-effective at treating chronic knee pain, knee joint issues, or pain caused by wear and tear. When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you can be assured that the level of care and expertise you’ll receive matches the advertisements you’ve seen around Midtown.

What Are The Best Knee Treatments in Midtown?

The knee pain clinic at Pain Treatment Specialists is conveniently located on Madison Avenue, near Penn Station. Even if you don’t live in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll have no problem accessing our pain clinic in New York, NY. At our cutting-edge facility, your knee pain doctor listens closely to your knee pain concerns, and then creates a treatment plan that works for your specific issues. Some of the minimally-invasive knee pain treatments used include:

  • Physical Therapy: Chronic knee pain improves when physical therapy is included as part of your treatment plan. During physical therapy, you’ll work to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength in your knee joint, tendons, ligaments, and knee muscles. Physical therapy can ultimately help you avoid knee surgery or replacement surgery by building strength in your knee.
  • Steroid Knee Injection: Also known as a corticosteroid injection, a steroid knee injection offers fast-acting knee pain relief. Your knee pain doctor uses an x-ray to locate the specific area for your steroid knee injection, and then applies a local anesthetic to your skin to reduce discomfort. Downtime is minimal, while pain relief is substantial.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: Genicular nerves are responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. During a genicular nerve block, also known as G block, a local anesthetic is used to prevent the genicular nerve from sending pain signals. This can be done multiple times around your knee to block all of the affected genicular nerves.

Ready to find the top knee treatments in Midtown? Contact Pain Treatment Specialists to see how our Harvard trained staff uses platelet rich plasma therapy, nerve blocks, and steroid injections for your chronic knee pain.

Meet The Best Pain Management Doctor in Midtown Manhattan

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of pain management doctors are the best in Midtown Manhattan. Not only is every member of the staff carefully vetted for their experience in the fields of pain medicine and anesthesiology, but also for their kind and caring bedside manners. Meeting with a pain doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists puts you at ease, and gets you moving towards a pain-free life. One of the top knee doctors in NYC is:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna’s experience in the fields of anesthesiology and interventional pain medicine are incredibly impressive. He is a former Clinical Instructor of anesthesia at Harvard Medical School, as well as Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard. Dr. Hanna’s glowing patient reviews all note his ability to make people feel at ease during their consultations. This is in addition to the marked improvement in knee pain after his knee treatments in Midtown Manhattan.

Don’t make a phone call based on just any random advertisement you see in Midtown. Contact the best pain management doctors in NYC at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our nurturing staff are leaders in the field of interventional pain medicine.

What is the Difference Between Chronic Knee Pain and Acute Knee Pain?

Both chronic knee pain and acute knee pain cause a great deal of discomfort, but the reasons behind that pain vary. When you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, your knee pain doctor in NYC will discuss the causes of your knee pain as part of your treatment plan.

Acute knee pain is traced back to a specific accident or injury. If you’ve fallen, gotten into a car accident, or made an awkward landing, this helps isolate when your knee pain started. Inform your knee pain Dr. in NYC about recent activities or motions that might be the cause of your recent knee pain. Bursitis, torn ligaments and tendons, or a muscle strain are all examples of acute knee pain.

Chronic knee pain exists when your knee exhibits pain after repetitive motions. If you’re a runner and feel knee pain after a few miles, then your knee muscles, knee joints, and knee ligaments and tendons just completed the same motion in rapid succession. Health conditions such as osteoarthritis also cause chronic knee pain.

Contact Pain Treatment Specialists today to see how our interventional pain doctors offer the best knee treatments in Midtown Manhattan. Located near Bryant Park on Madison Avenue, our clinic is easy to reach from anywhere in NYC or northern NJ.