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Knee Pain Doctors






Knee pain can quite literally bring you to your knees! Simple tasks such as going to the grocery store, walking up a flight or stairs, or trying to exercise become tremendous burdens under the weight of chronic knee pain. You may have searched for an orthopedic knee surgeon, or knee surgeons near me, but are afraid of the long-term consequences of invasive knee surgery. A knee specialist in New York and knee pain doctor in NYC are your best options to avoid surgery, and find minimally-invasive knee pain treatments.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee specialists in NYC are not only hip specialists in New York, they are also the top knee specialists near me. Our knee doctors in New York are Harvard trained, and also highly experienced practitioners of knee pain medicine. When you schedule an appointment with our knee pain doctors in NYC, you’ll find a team of compassionate knee pain doctors ready to address your chronic knee pain concerns.

What Does a Knee Specialist in NYC Do for Chronic Knee Pain?

When you’re desperate for knee pain relief, you’ll scour the internet for any solution for knee pain. Typing in “Dr. Bruce Emory orthopedics, Austin knee institute, Stanford orthopedic surgeons, How many orthopedic surgeons in the US perform knee surgery, orthopedist NYC” have all crossed your search bar. However, what you’re really looking for is a knee specialist in NYC who doesn’t use knee surgery as their only knee pain treatment. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee doctors in New York are interventional pain medicine specialists, which means that they use minimally-invasive knee pain treatments such as nerve blocks, injections, and physical therapy to treat knee pain. Here are some of the top treatments used by our knee doctors in NYC:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is an excellent treatment option for knee pain. The top knee specialist near me works in conjunction with a physical therapist to create a customized knee pain treatment plan that works specifically for you. During physical therapy, you will gain strength, flexibility, and mobility in your affected knee. The goal of physical therapy is to return your knee to an even better condition than before your knee pain became an issue.
  • Injections: Injections are fast-acting pain relief treatments used by your knee specialist in NYC. Your knee pain doctor uses a corticosteroid injection in your knee that reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, which facilitates immediate pain relief. An injection can also include a lubricant, which increases your knee’s natural mobility.
  • Nerve Block: Nerve blocks help manage the pain signals that are sent from your injured knee to your brain. A nerve block should only be administered by a board certified knee pain doctor in NYC with intimate knowledge of your knee’s anatomy.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee specialists in New York are also hip specialists in NYC, which shows that our pain doctors are experts in multiple fields of pain medicine. Book an appointment today to see how our interventional pain doctors can return you to a pain free life.

Who Are The Best Knee Specialists in New York?

Once you meet the team at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll know that this is the best place in NYC to receive knee pain treatment. If you’ve been searching for the best sports medicine orthopedic surgeons, NY orthopedics, the best orthopedic doctor near me, or best orthopedic surgeon near me, know that these are not the knee pain doctors you want to visit. This is because the best orthopedic surgeons and other knee surgeons near me are called orthopedic knee surgeons for a reason– they recommend knee surgery as the final result of treatment. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee specialists in NYC use interventional pain medicine, and not orthopedic knee surgery, to treat knee pain. Some of the top knee pain doctors in NYC include:

  • Dr. Shane Volney: Dr. Volney is a former Harvard faculty member, where he was charged with teaching medical students about interventional pain medicine. His knowledge in the field of pain management is matched by his compassionate bedside manner, which consistently earns him top patient ratings.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: As a double board certified pain knee specialist in NYC, Dr. Lombardi’s expertise lies in fluoroscopic-guided pain treatments. If you’ve been told by other Manhattan orthopedics that your knee pain is hard to diagnose, contact Dr. Lombardi to see how her skills can properly pinpoint, and treat, the source of your chronic knee pain.

Schedule an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists to see how our knee pain doctors use their Harvard training and excellent bedside manner to precisely diagnose and treat your chronic knee pain.

Why Should I Avoid an Orthopedic Knee Surgeon?

An orthopedic knee surgeon, even if they are the best orthopedic surgeon, will steer you towards one pain relief remedy: knee surgery. This is because as orthopedic knee surgeons, their job depends on patients receiving knee surgery or knee replacement surgery in order for their practice to survive– even if other methods should be utilized first.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of knee pain doctors understand the dangers and disruptions of surgery, and avoid them unless medically necessary. According to our team of knee specialists in New York, you should avoid surgery because it can be highly disruptive to your daily life. Imagine being off of your feet for 6-8 weeks, and having to rely on others for transportation, dressing, and errands. This is a major life disruption that many families are not prepared for when heading into a major surgery.

Another issue with knee surgery is that due to its incredibly painful nature, you will be prescribed some form of narcotics. The intention of prescription narcotics is to provide knee pain relief, but they can become unintentionally addictive. The opioid crisis did not occur because people wanted to become addicted to pain pills, but because they accidentally became addicted while recovering from major surgeries. Your knee pain doctor in NYC will never prescribe pain pills to treat your chronic knee pain.

Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists today to see how our interventional pain doctors can get you back to a pain free life. Famed Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan is located near our clinic, which is also easily accessible from Grand Central Station.