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Knee Pain Doctors






Sports injuries come out of nowhere, and can have long-term effects on your ability to perform at your highest level. Whether you’ve twisted your knee trying to drive a golf ball down the fairway or landed a layup that didn’t feel right, knee pain forces you to pause your training routines. In order to get back to the sports you enjoy, it’s critical to address your knee pain quickly to prevent the injury from getting worse over time, and losing your overall strength as an athlete.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, we have a variety of treatment options for sports injuries that do not involve knee replacement surgery, but rather utilize options like physical therapy, nerve blocks, and steroid injections for knee pain relief. If you’re searching for the best knee specialist near me in New York, it’s time to book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and return your knees to peak performance.

The Best Knee Specialist Near Me in New York?

When you’re suffering from chronic knee pain or sports injuries, where can you turn for pain relief? Meeting with an orthopedic surgeon is not your only treatment option for knee pain. Please call our interventional pain doctors in NYC, who specialize in minimally-invasive knee pain treatments. One of the top knee specialists near me in New York is:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna’s extensive experience as both a Clinical Instructor of Anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School, and Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard make him one of the most qualified pain doctors in NYC. As a top knee specialist near me in New York, Dr. Hanna is also sympathetic to your knee pain, and knows how it can affect every portion of your life. His goal as an interventional pain doctor is to put his pain medicine training into action, using minimally-invasive knee pain treatments designed just for you.

Don’t spend another day wishing you were back on the links instead of on your couch. Please call Pain Treatment Specialists, the top knee pain doctors in NYC, to see how our team gets you back to what you love.

Are There Different Types of Sports Injuries?

During your initial consultation with your knee pain Dr., you will have a chance to describe what your knee pain feels like, as well as the weeks leading up to your appointment.  A sports injury can fall under a few different categories of pain, which your knee pain Dr. in NYC will outline in detail.

  1. Acute Injury: If you’ve suffered an acute sports injury, you can probably pinpoint exactly when it happened. Landing incorrectly after jumping, suddenly twisting your knee after a golf swing, or falling off your bike are all examples of acute injuries. The result of these sports injuries are possible broken bones, torn ligaments, or meniscus tears. An ACL injury is one of the most common knee injuries, which occurs when you suddenly stop or twist in mid-motion while jumping or running. If you’ve been in a severe accident and feel that a broken bone is the issue, please don’t hesitate to go to the hospital immediately for treatment, but still follow up with your knee pain doctor to ensure a proper course of pain management.
  2. Chronic Injury: Sports injuries can also occur from repetitive motions, and become more painful over time. Moving your knee in the same motion again and again can cause overuse and a chronic knee pain condition. Chronic knee pain is often accompanied by swelling, inability to straighten your knee, or an unstable feeling in your knee. Jumper’s knee, also known as patellar bursitis, is a common chronic knee pain injury caused by the overuse of your patellar tendon.

The best knee specialist near me in New York takes the time to listen to your chronic knee pain concerns, and then identify the cause of your pain. Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, the top knee doctor in NY, to see how our team of Harvard trained pain doctors relieve chronic knee pain.

What Types of Treatment Options Work Best for Sports Injuries?

It’s not necessary to meet with orthopedic surgeons for sports injuries, since their primary recommendation will be knee replacement surgery. There are many different treatment options that you can pursue before knee surgery, which is painful and highly invasive. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain doctors in NYC are experts in a wide variety of knee pain treatment options that do not utilize knee replacement surgery or dangerous narcotics. At our pain clinic in NYC, you’ll have access to the following pain treatments:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is an excellent treatment for sports injuries, and gives athletes the strength training needed to return to top physical form. Your knee pain Dr. in Manhattan works with a physical therapist to create a series of strength-building exercises for your knee that also promote stability and flexibility. When you’re finished with a round of physical therapy, your knee pain should be gone, and you’ll feel much stronger than when you began treatment.
  • Steroid Knee Injection: A steroid knee injection is one of the most highly-effective knee pain treatments for quick pain relief. Your knee pain specialist in NYC uses a corticosteroid injection that is guided by an x-ray or ultrasound to pinpoint the exact tendons, muscles, bursa, and inflamed knee joints. You’ll feel fast-acting pain relief with minimal down time.

Ready to rebound after your sports injury? Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists, the best knee specialist near me in New York. Located in Midtown Manhattan near Penn Station, our team is happy to get you back to what you love.