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Find the Best Knee Pain Treatment in NYC at Pain Treatment Specialists

The main reason you’ve put up with your knee pain for so long is that you fear a long and arduous treatment process that will end with knee replacement surgery. You’ll deal with the pain, swelling, and throbbing pain as long as it means you don’t have to go under the knife for a surgery you don’t want. If only it was as easy as dialing “1 800 knee pain be gone” and poof! Your knee pain just disappears.

However, what you’re unaware of is the fact that a knee specialist in NYC has plenty of pain management options for your knee pain that don’t involve surgery, and are fast-acting for knee pain relief. The NYC pain MD team at Pain Treatment Specialists are well-equipped to tackle your knee pain concerns in their cutting-edge pain clinic on Madison Avenue. As the top knee doctor in NYC, each knee joint pain specialist uses their extensive training in pain medicine and interventional pain management to create customized knee pain treatment plans for each patient. Effective and minimally invasive knee pain treatment in NYC really is just a phone call away!

What is the Top Knee Pain Treatment in NYC?

The top knee pain treatment in NYC depends on your specific knee pain concerns. At Pain Treatment Specialists, the most qualified knee injury doctor in NYC, each knee pain specialist listens closely to patients’ pain issues. Then, a customized knee pain treatment plan is crafted. The goal is returning to a pain free life using minimally invasive treatments for knee pain. Some of the treatments used for knee pain include:

  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist works in conjunction with a NYC pain MD for knee pain treatment. During PT sessions, your physical therapist isolates the area targeted for treatment, and works to build strength and stability in your knee. After several sessions of physical therapy, your knee is stronger, more flexible, and more stable. Your knee pain specialist will refer you to the best knee physical therapy near me.
  • Steroid Injections: Your knee joint pain specialist uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of your knee pain, and then administers a steroid injection. If you want to know how to reduce inflammation in the knee quickly, look no further than this minimally invasive injection. The corticosteroid quickly relieves both pain and inflammation in the knee joint.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: Also known as G-block, this knee pain treatment in NYC is effective at targeting chronic knee pain and knee injury pain relief. Your genicular nerves are responsible for sending pain signals to your brain, and a G-block stops those pain transmissions. If you’ve tried more conservative treatments for knee pain and they haven’t provided effective knee pain relief, a G-block is a more powerful treatment.

Don’t put off knee pain treatment in NYC because you’re afraid of the treatment process! You can find highly effective knee pain relief at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our knee and back pain specialists use minimally invasive knee pain treatments.

What Qualifications Should My Knee Doctor in NYC Have?

Avoid meeting with an orthopedic knee surgeon as your first visit addressing chronic knee pain. This type of knee doctor in NYC uses surgery as their primary treatment for knee pain, which is often avoidable. Look for a joint pain doctor in NYC who received specialized training in pain medicine and interventional pain management, like the Harvard trained team at Pain Treatment Specialists. A pain management doctor spends years learning and perfecting minimally invasive knee pain treatments in NYC. The team at Pain Treatment Specialists includes the following knee doctors in NYC:

Looking for knee injury pain relief and don’t want to explore knee replacement surgery? Search for minimally invasive knee pain treatment in NYC, where pain doctors use nerve blocks and steroid injections for effective pain relief. The best treatment for knee pain is found at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our Harvard trained knee pain specialists use cutting-edge knee pain treatments as a top joint pain doctor in NYC.

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  • Dr. Namrata Khimani: Dr. Khimani achieved the title of a nationally recognized pain specialist by the American Board of Anesthesiology. This recognition is only achieved after completing a highly rigorous certification process. She is also an honors graduate of Harvard Medical School, where she completed an advanced fellowship in interventional pain management.
  • Dr. George Hanna: As the former Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard, Dr. Hanna has extensive experience in pain medicine and pain management. Like Dr. Khimani, Dr. Hanna is also a nationally recognized pain specialist, and is double board certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and interventional pain management. Dr. Hanna’s patients also note that he is thoughtful and thorough during their appointments, with a kind bedside manner.

When you meet with a knee pain specialist at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re meeting with the best knee doctors in NYC. Book an appointment today and take the first step towards a pain free life.

What Are Symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain?

Chronic knee pain is not an issue that resolves itself. If you’re feeling knee pain every day or consistently with certain movements, it’s time to contact a knee joint pain specialist for a knee check up near me. Symptoms of chronic knee pain include:

  • Being unable to fully straighten your knee
  • Hearing a crunching or popping noise when your knee moves
  • Knee swelling and inflammation
  • Feeling warm to the touch
  • Weakness or inability to stand

Find Your Nearest Knee Pain Treatment Center

Our Manhattan NY knee pain clinic is conveniently located on 290 Madison Avenue Suite 203

Acute knee pain is caused by an injury, fall, or accident and is often accompanied by a popping or tearing sound. With an acute knee injury, it’s clear that whatever action just happened is the cause of your knee pain. This could indicate a tear or injury to the ligaments and muscles surrounding the knee, or a knee joint injury.

Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how easy it is to find relief from your knee pain. You’ll find our knee pain treatment in NYC located near the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan. Effective knee pain relief really is just a phone call away!


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