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Knee Pain Doctors






Your body, when it’s working well, is a pretty miraculous thing. It can grow a new life, calculate complex formulations, and leap great lengths in a single stride. When your body is in pain, not just the part that aches suffers. For example, if you suffer from knee pain, this radiates throughout other parts of your body. Your ankle and calf take the brunt of work off of your knee joint, creating additional stress. Your brain also works overtime trying to avoid activities where your knee might feel pain, and constantly has to anticipate your every step.

If you’re ready to put your mind, as well as the rest of your body at ease, it’s time to look for a knee pain specialist in Manhattan. Lucky for you, the top knee pain specialists are found right in midtown Manhattan at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our knee pain doctors offer the best knee pain treatments in NYC, using minimally invasive knee pain treatments that are also highly-effective. If you suffer from bursitis, knee joint pain, or meniscus tears, our team of pain management doctors are ready to get your entire body back to full strength.

Meet The Best Knee Pain Specialists in Manhattan

The best knee pain specialists in Manhattan are not only Harvard trained and educated, but they also have a depth of experience that is unrivaled by other knee pain clinics. Located in midtown Manhattan near Bryant Park, the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are well-known not only for their excellent bedside manners, but also for their use of knee pain treatments that do not involve surgery. Some of the top knee pain specialist in Manhattan include:

  • Dr. Michael Nguyen: Dr. Nguyen is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in pain medicine, and is also a graduate of Harvard Medical School. As a pioneer of current pain management treatments, his peers travel from across the country to observe the cutting-edge knee pain treatments used at his knee pain clinic.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: As a double certified knee pain specialist in Manhattan, Dr. Lombardi’s kind and compassionate bedside manner is matched by the depth of her experience in interventional pain medicine. She presents at national medical conferences on the topic of pain management.

If you live in NYC and are looking for the best treatments for knee pain, look no further than the best knee pain specialists in Manhattan at Pain Treatment Specialists.

What Are The Best Knee Pain Treatments in NYC?

Knee pain treatments don’t have to involve painful surgery to be effective! At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of interventional pain doctors have spent their careers focusing on pain management, which allows patients to experience pain relief through minimally-invasive treatments. Only a knee pain doctor can administer these knee pain treatments in NYC.

  • Injections: An injection is an easy way to treat knee pain. Your knee pain specialist in Manhattan uses a corticosteroid in the injection, which reduces pain and swelling in your knee joint. Another type of injection uses a lubricant to aid your knee’s flexibility and range of motion.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is highly-effective for knee injuries. Using specific motions and exercises, your physical therapist uses their knowledge of your knee pain issues to create a customized knee pain treatment plan that builds strength and adds stability in your knee muscles and knee joints.
  • Nerve Blocks: If you’re in pain, why not stop it at the source? That’s what a nerve block does to your knee pain. Your knee pain doctor finds the nerve that is causing your knee pain and administers a “block” that prevents the pain signals from reaching your brain.

The best knee pain specialists in NYC use a variety of treatments that are specific to your knee pain concerns. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our state of the art facility in midtown Manhattan has the best tools and treatments to handle your chronic knee pain.

How Does a Knee Pain Doctor Diagnose Chronic Knee Pain?

Because your knee doctor is an expert in pain medicine, they are skilled in determining the source of your pain, and how to remedy it. During your initial consultation with your knee pain doctor, your pain treatment specialist will ask questions such as when and how your knee began hurting, and if you can pinpoint it to a specific action or activity. If your knee pain is a result of an accident or injury, then you are suffering from acute knee pain. This type of pain occurs through a trauma, such as a car accident, fall, or awkward movement. If you experience knee pain as a result of overuse, like cycling, running, or playing hockey, then you may have a chronic knee pain condition such as bursitis or patellar tendonitis (jumper’s knee.) This type of knee pain occurs through specific motions or activities that you do on a regular basis. Your knee doctor will also ask you about your medical history to determine if an underlying medical condition, such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis, are to blame for your knee pain. Through these conversations, as well as a knee exam, your knee doctor will be able to determine both your diagnosis and your knee pain treatment plan.

Put your mind at ease and schedule an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists. Located near Penn Station, this knee pain clinic, and the top knee pain specialists in Manhattan, are easy to reach.