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Knee Pain Doctors






Knee arthritis can occur at any age, and boy is it painful! The simple tasks of walking up stairs or even out to get the mail causes extreme pain, mainly because knee arthritis involves the deterioration of your knee’s cartilage. The friction of your bones rubbing together can cause bone spurs, and forces you to avoid activities that you once found enjoyable. A fun round of golf with your friends? Hard pass– you can’t finish the back nine without intense knee pain. Running a 5k for charity? There’s no way your knee makes it through even 1k without wanting to stop.

When your knee pain dictates how you live your life, it’s time to find effective knee pain treatment. Treating knee pain near me in Manhattan is as easy as scheduling an appointment with Pain Treatment Specialists. Our pain specialists know the impact that knee joint pain and knee arthritis have on your everyday life, and strive to provide knee pain treatments that allow you to move forward without pain. All of the pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are pain specialists, which means that they have extensive backgrounds and knowledge in interventional pain medicine.

Who Offers Relief From Knee Pain Near Me in Manhattan?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our pain management doctors are pain specialists. Every member of our carefully selected team uses treatment options that are both minimally invasive and also highly-effective. Finding relief from knee pain near me in Manhattan does not need to involve painful knee surgery. Instead, meet with the Harvard trained team of pain management doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists and discuss how our treatment options get you back to living life to its fullest. Some of our top-rated knee pain doctors include:

  • Shane Volney: Looking for a compassionate doctor who treats knee pain near me in Manhattan? Dr. Volney is not only a former clinical instructor of pain medicine and anesthesiology at Harvard Medical School, he is also noted for his kind and caring bedside manner. Dr. Volney spent time in Kenya working with underserved communities, providing expert pain care to its residents while also teaching local practitioners guided pain imaging procedures. His passion is providing pain relief that produces life-changing results.
  • Michael Nguyen: During his time at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Nguyen was awarded “Mentor of the Year” and “Teacher of the Year” accolades. This is in addition to his pioneering work in the field of pain medicine, which inspires other pain doctors from around the world to visit his pain clinic in Manhattan. Dr. Nguyen is also certified in pain medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Pain management is possible! Don’t spend another day suffering from intense knee pain when a quick phone call to Pain Treatment Specialists unlocks a world where knee pain is no longer a problem.

What are the Best Treatment Options for Knee Pain?

Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury, or are dealing with a chronic pain condition like knee arthritis, the team at Pain Treatment Specialists has you covered. With a wide variety of minimally invasive knee pain treatments, our knee doctors use cutting-edge technology for knee pain treatments. Knee surgery is not discussed unless it is medically necessary because the pain treatments offered at their pain clinic in Manhattan are highly effective at knee pain relief. Some of the pain treatments offered at our knee pain clinic in midtown include:

  • Physical Therapy: Also known as PT, physical therapy is an excellent way to build strength in your affected knee while working to prevent future damage and pain. A physical therapist uses their knowledge of your knee’s anatomy along with exercise science to create a customized treatment plan that increases flexibility and builds strength in your knee.
  • Steroid Knee Injection: Want effective relief from knee pain near me in Manhattan? A steroid knee injection is an excellent anti-inflammatory aid for knee pain. Your pain doctor uses a corticosteroid injection to relieve knee pain created by inflamed bursa, tendons, and knee joints.

The team at Pain Treatment Specialists also offer genicular nerve blocks, as well as radiofrequency ablation of the genicular nerve. Book an appointment today at our pain clinic in Manhattan and find out which minimally invasive knee pain treatment is right for you.

What Can I Do for Pain Management At Home?

Suffering from knee pain alters your daily life. You’re unable to do normal activities because your knee pain is so intense. There is no substitute for meeting with a knee doctor for pain treatment, but you can find some relief from knee pain at home. The pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists recommend the following at-home knee pain treatments:

  1. Keep your knee active with gentle exercise and movement. While it’s important to rest your knee when in pain, too much inactivity actually makes your knee stiff and harder to move. Find a pool where you can swim some laps or do water-based aerobics, or practice some tai chi or yoga. These are all great ways to keep your knee moving.
  2. Watch out for falls! Use handrails when walking up and down stairs, and make sure all areas of your house are well-lit with some sort of balance support. When your knee feels weak or unstable, that’s when you’re more likely to take a tumble, which could result in a knee injury.
  3. Use RICE. This acronym stands for “rest, ice, compress, elevate” and helps reduce pain and swelling. Put your leg up when you can, ice it for pain relief, and use a compression bandage for additional support.

Ready to get rid of knee pain near me in Manhattan? Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists today and discuss how easily you can get back to your regular routine. You’ll find our knee pain clinic on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, conveniently located near Penn Station.