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Knee Pain Doctors






Not all knee pain specialists are created equal! When you’re suffering from chronic knee pain, you might just dial the first number you see from a cursory internet search of “best knee pain Dr. in Manhattan.” Knee pain is powerful enough to make you not think straight, and just want the overwhelming pain to go away. In your haste, you might end up contacting an orthopedic surgeon, whose primary job is treating knee pain with invasive surgery. Instead, take your time and find knee pain treatment in NYC that avoids surgery, and gets you back on your feet without pain quickly.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of Harvard trained knee pain specialists get your knee functioning with minimally invasive treatments for knee pain. When you visit our sparkling clean pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll visit with a knee pain expert who listens carefully to your knee pain concerns, and then crafts a customized treatment plan that works just for you. By scheduling an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re making the right call about how to treat your chronic knee pain.

What Are The Qualifications of the Best Knee Pain Dr. in Manhattan?

Pain Treatment Specialists’ team of pain doctors are all carefully vetted to ensure not only a wealth of experience in the field of pain medicine and anesthesiology, but also the utmost respect for patients’ care. Meeting with our knee pain specialists is an easy experience from start to finish. Once you enter our state-of-the-art pain clinic on Madison Avenue, you’ll be greeted by our front office staff who walk you through any paperwork, as well as what to expect at your visit. During your appointment, you’ll meet with one of our top knee pain doctors including:

  • Dr. Michael Nguyen: Dr. Nguyen is the medical director at Pain Treatment Specialists, and oversees each pain clinic’s day-to-day operations. He stakes his highly-regarded reputation on the fact that his pain clinics are the best in NYC. He is also a world renowned pain medicine expert, who completed his residency and advances pain medicine fellowship at Harvard Medical School.
  • Dr. Shane Volney: Dr. Volney completed his pain management fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital—Harvard Medical School, which was followed by a fellowship in palliative medicine, also at Harvard. He takes great pride in serving not only the people of NYC, but also through trips to Kenya teaching image guided pain procedures to underserved communities.

Dr. Volney and Dr. Nguyen are just two of the expert pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists. Schedule an appointment at our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan and see for yourself how easy it is to begin your journey towards a pain-free life.

Can I Get My Knee Functioning With Knee Pain Treatment in NYC?

Yes, it’s easy to get your knee functioning with knee pain treatment in NYC at Pain Treatment Specialists. You don’t need to fear invasive surgery, which can take you out of regular activities for months at a time. Instead, our team of knee pain doctors first utilize minimally invasive knee pain treatments, and exhaust all of these options before considering something as drastic as knee surgery. This is because surgery is painful, invasive, and offers the possibility of complications. The only way our knee pain specialists will recommend knee surgery is when it is medically necessary. When you meet with your knee pain Dr. in Manhattan, you’ll discuss some of these treatments for knee pain:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapists are trained in exercise science, which means that they know how to use your body’s own resistance and strength to heal itself. Your physical therapist will create a customized treatment plan based on your specific knee joint issues, meniscus tears, or knee arthritis concerns.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: If you’ve had ongoing issues with knee pain and find that more conservative treatments are not providing effective pain relief, then a G-block could be your solution. Genicular nerves transmit pain signals to the brain, so when they are “blocked” by the G-block, you don’t feel the pain anymore! Your pain doctor uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of the injection, and only targets the affected genicular nerves.

Our treatments for knee pain at Pain Treatment Specialists cover a wide variety of knee pain concerns, since each person’s knee joint issues are unique. Schedule an appointment and find out which knee pain treatment in NYC works for you,

Can I Get My Knee Functioning Better Through Other Lifestyle Changes?

Some knee joint issues, such as osteoarthritis, are due to wear and tear of your knee joint. This occurs as we age, or due to repetitive motions with our knees such as running or cycling. While some hereditary or aging issues with our knees might be difficult to avoid, there are other knee joint pains that we can avoid by following a few tips to help knees function a little better.

  1. Lose Weight: The less weight you carry on your frame, the less pressure you’re putting on your knee joints. Not only is losing a few pounds good for your heart health, it lightens the stress on all of your joints, from your lower back, to your hips, to your ankles.
  2. Stay Active: As we age, some motions such as running on pavement may become too harsh for our knee joints. This doesn’t mean we should give up exercise altogether, but instead find motions that are gentler and keep our bodies in motion. Yoga, swimming, and tai chi are all excellent ways to relieve stress, and knees moving fluidly.
  3. Add some omega 3 fatty acids or fish oils to your diet through supplements, and keep eating your leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. There are properties in green vegetables that help block enzymes known to cause swelling. They’re good for your heart, and your joints!

Schedule an appointment with a knee pain Dr. in Manhattan who knows how to treat a variety of knee pain concerns. At  Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of Harvard-trained knee pain doctors advocate for each patient’s right to live a pain-free existence, and to do so without surgery!