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Knee Pain Doctor NY | Is Knee Surgery Necessary?

If you’re searching for the best knee pain doctor NY, then we can help you. Knee pain symptoms are very common across the U.S. and can drastically affect quality of life. Doctors across the country are noticing a rise in the number of knee pain symptoms as a result of a more sedentary lifestyle. If left untreated, knee pain can get worse over time or lead to secondary problems. That’s why it’s important to book an appointment with the best knee pain doctor NY.

The best knee pain specialists will be board certified, Ivy League pain doctors who are leaders in the field of pain medicine. Rather than relying on knee replacement surgery and narcotics, NSAIDs and opioids, these knee specialists will use the latest minimally invasive techniques. Minimally invasive procedures such as steroid injections and genicular nerve blocks are a safe, effective way to maximize your health and minimize risk. So, what are the risks of invasive surgeries?

Knee replacement surgery is becoming one of the most common surgeries carried out across the U.S. However, surgical treatment involves many risks, including:

  • Allergic reactions/ problems with anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Pneumonia
  • Wound infections
  • Long recovery periods
  • Over-reliance on NSAIDs, opioids and other narcotics

Many surgical treatments are unnecessary and do not optimize the health of patients. That’s why it is important to schedule an appointment with a top knee pain doctor NY offering the latest minimally invasive treatments for knee pain. 

Dr. George Hanna

Dr. Hanna is a double board certified pain doctor with an array of experience in Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine and Interventional Pain Management. Dr. Hanna has experience as a faculty member of Harvard Medical School in addition to achieving his medical degree from this establishment. Dr. Hanna is an experienced Medical Director of Pain Management and has served as Chairman of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Chilton Medical Center.

Dr. Laura Lombardi

Dr. Lombardi is a double board certified pain doctor with expertise in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. She is passionate about spending time with her patients to tailor her treatment approach to their needs. Dr. Lombardi is a leader in pain medicine and is highly experienced in using minimally invasive techniques to treat pain complaints. In particular, Dr. Lombardi is well-known for using fluoroscopic guidance to target and treat knee pain and back pain.

Dr. Michael Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen is recognized across the globe for his contributions to regenerative medicine. He is passionate about combining pain medicine and a holistic approach to health care to optimize health and minimize risk. Dr. Nguyen is a triple board certified pain doctor and pioneered many of the minimally invasive treatments currently available on the market. He regularly welcomes celebrity athletes from around the world to his state of the art clinic. In addition to being an Ivy League graduate himself, Dr. Nguyen worked at Harvard Medical School where he was voted ‘Mentor of the Year’ and ‘Best Teacher.’

Dr. Shane Volney

Dr. Volney is a double board certified pain doctor and is an expert in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. He is particularly well-known in the fields of Anesthesiology, Palliative Care and Pain Medicine. He was a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School for seven years and continually contributes to medical education. Dr. Volney values spending time with his patients to encompass over well-being in his treatment plans for his patients. He regularly uses prp treatment for knee pain as well as neurostimulation for leg pain and back pain. 

The Top 3 Knee Pain Treatments

As we have discussed, there are many effective treatment options that are minimally invasive and maximally effective. The best knee pain doctor NY draws upon their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide exceptional treatment choices for knee pain. Whether you suffer from chronic knee pain like rheumatoid arthritis, to pain as a result of a sports injury, we have the best treatment for you. Let’s take a look at the top three knee pain treatments provided by our Harvard trained pain doctors.

Steroid Knee Injections

Steroid knee injections are a fast and effective treatment choice. They are one of the most popular knee treatments due to their quick application and long-lasting results. During this procedure, a pain doctor injects the knee with a corticosteroid and local anesthetic drug. This reduces inflammation in the knee joint and provides immediate pain relief. Steroid injections are an excellent minimally invasive treatment and can be received 2-3 times. Some doctors even use X-ray guidance to ensure the steroid injections are applied with maximum accuracy.

Genicular Nerve Block

Genicular nerve blocks are a popular treatment choice because they can be used both therapeutically and diagnostically. The genicular nerves are located around the knee and are responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. Genicular nerve blocks work on the principle of stopping this signal transmission to provide effective pain relief.

During this procedure, a pain doctor inserts needles around the knee joint. Some pain doctors use an X-ray to ensure accurate placement of injection sites. A local anesthetic is then injected near the genicular nerves.

Radiofrequency Ablation of Genicular Nerve

Radiofrequency ablation of the genicular nerve is a popular and effective treatment choice. It is one of the best non-surgical knee pain treatment options. During this procedure, a pain doctor will give you medication so that you are comfortable. Just like a genicular nerve block, the doctor may use X-ray guidance to ensure needles are placed in the most effective area around the knee. They will then perform quick tests to ensure the needles are in the best place possible. Once the tests have successfully been performed, a local anesthetic is used. Alternating heat technology is then applied to heat up the needles and thereby heat the nerves and stop the transmission of nerve pain signals to the brain.

Why Should I See A Knee Pain Doctor NYC?

Now that we have reviewed the best non-surgical knee pain treatments, it’s important to explore why you should schedule an appointment with a pain doctor.

It is important to understand why you are in pain and how best to treat your knee pain. Knee pain symptoms can be indicative of either acute injuries, or long-term chronic knee pain problems. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to seek medical advice from a board certified, Ivy League pain doctor. Establishing a diagnosis and recommending a tailored treatment plan that maximizes your health and minimizes risk is at the heart of our pain doctors. They understand why you might be worried and will work with you to build the best treatment plan to suit your needs.

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