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Knee Pain Doctors






Your knees carry a heavy workload every day. Without realizing it, your knees are responsible for sitting, standing, walking, squatting and walking up stairs. When you experience knee joint pain, it’s evident how much work your knee does. Now, you feel every movement your knee makes as it radiates pain signals to your brain.

Treating knee pain does not need to rely on surgery. Achieving a pain-free day is within reach by using minimally-invasive pain management treatments. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our Harvard-trained pain management doctors are trained in interventional pain medicine, which means that they do not use surgery or narcotics to relieve knee pain. Our pain specialists are located near Penn Station, and are easily accessible for patients seeking treatments for knee pain. As the top knee pain doctors in Manhattan, patients receive the best care in our state of the art facility.

Who Are the Top Knee Pain Doctors in Manhattan?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our doctors are carefully selected for both their impressive education and experience, as well as their nurturing bedside manner. Our knee pain doctors in Manhattan are the best in the Big Apple. Some of our pain doctors include:

  • Dr. Shane Volney: If you’re looking for the best knee pain treatment in NYC, look no further than Dr. Shane Volney. This former Harvard faculty member uses non-surgical approaches to knee pain including PRP (platelet-rich plasma.) Dr. Volney takes the time to listen to patients’ knee pain concerns and creates customized treatments for knee pain.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi is a double board certified knee pain doctor in Manhattan. Her approach to pain free living is to assess each patient’s knee pain issues, and utilize a variety of modalities to provide pain relief.

If you’re ready to remove knee pain from your life, please call Pain Treatment Specialists to see how our pain specialists care for both you, and your knee.

What Are The Best Treatments For Knee Pain?

Knee pain treatments are best administered by pain specialists. At-home remedies such as icing and resting may provide temporary pain relief, but the knowledge and expertise provided by a pain doctor are irreplaceable. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our interventional pain doctors use a wide variety of knee pain treatments including:

  • Physical Therapy: Your knee pain doctor in Manhattan works with a physical therapist to create a customized knee pain treatment plan. The goal is to use specific exercises and movements to build strength and increase mobility in the affected knee.
  • Nerve Block: Remember those pain signals that went from your injured knee to your brain? A nerve block helps to manage those pain signals and provide tremendous pain relief. Your knee pain doctor uses their extensive training and background to precisely locate the affected nerve, and then administer a nerve block.
  • Injections: Want a quick and minimally-invasive knee pain treatment? Then an injection of corticosteroid is the way to go. A corticosteroid injection relieves pain, swelling, and knee joint inflammation. An injection can also include a lubricant that is designed to increase mobility and flexibility in your injured knee.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, the best knee pain treatments get you back on your feet quickly. Using minimally-invasive knee pain treatments is the safest way to ensure that you’re up and running, and returning to a pain free life.

Why Should I Avoid Knee Surgery?

One of the goals of interventional pain medicine is to avoid surgery. This is why the pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists use such a wide variety of treatments to address patients’ chronic knee pain. Using advanced treatments such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), injections, and nerve blocks, our team of pain specialists strive to avoid surgery and dangerous narcotics. Some of the top reasons to avoid surgery include:

  1. It’s a major life disruption! Think about it– if you needed to be off of your feet for 6-8 weeks, how much would that alter your daily life? You can’t drive, you can’t grocery shop, and you can’t even shower independently. Not only does it zap your independence, it also creates a tremendous burden for your family. Someone needs to be available to assist you with basic tasks while you heal.
  2. Pain pills are unintentionally addictive. After your surgery, you’ll likely receive prescription narcotics to ease the pain. The scary part about these pills is how rapidly, and unintentionally, people become addicted.
  3. There’s no guarantee surgery will work. Even after all of the pain and suffering you’ll endure while healing from knee surgery, you may still have lifelong knee pain. There’s no refund on surgery– once it’s done, you can’t go back. How frustrating would it be to go through the entire process of surgery, only to find out that it was ineffective to treat your knee pain.

Call Pain Treatment Specialists today to see how our interventional pain doctors can get you back to a pain free life. Located near Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan, our clinic is easily accessible for patients experiencing knee pain in NYC and New Jersey.