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Knee Pain Doctors






When you live in NYC, the amount of options you have at every turn for every service imaginable is almost overwhelming. If you want to get your nails done, you’ll find dozens of options just within a block’s radius. The same goes for drug stores, tech help, and gyms. Finding help for knee pain is no different. Some days you’d rather just grin and bear the pain versus having to go on an exhaustive search for the best knee pain doc near me in NYC.

Thankfully at Pain Treatment Specialists , we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best pain management doctors in NYC. All of our knee pain specialists are board certified, Harvard trained, and experts in the field of pain medicine. With just one visit to our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll feel optimistic about future pain treatments, and more like your old, pain-free self. Finding the right knee pain doctor in New York, NY is as easy as booking an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists.

Who is the Best Knee Pain Doc Near Me in NYC?

Not all knee pain specialists recommend surgical treatment for knee pain. This is often why people avoid visiting knee pain specialists—they fear that knee replacement surgery is the only solution for their meniscal tear or knee arthritis. At Pain Treatment Specialists, their minimally invasive options include physical therapy, nerve blocks, and steroid injections for knee pain treatment. None of our pain management doctors rushes towards surgery as a viable treatment for knee pain unless it is medically necessary. Let’s meet the knee pain doc near me in NYC who is ready to tackle chronic pain:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna is double certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and interventional pain management. He is a former clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School as well as the Director of Pain Innovations and Technology. His background and experience in pain medicine makes him a highly-regarded speaker at national medical conferences, and he is also an author of textbook chapters related to anesthesiology and pain management.

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What are the Most Effective Minimally Invasive Knee Joint Treatments?

One of the reasons every knee pain specialist has such an extensive background in pain medicine is because their goal is using minimally invasive knee pain treatments for chronic knee pain. Avoiding surgical treatment is one reason why pain doctors differ from orthopedic surgeons. An orthopedic surgeon relied on surgical treatment to fix your knee joint, which is highly invasive and not always necessary. At the top knee pain doc near me in NYC, you’ll find a wide variety of minimally invasive pain management treatments that are designed to quickly get patients back to a pain-free life. Some of our knee pain treatment options include:

  • Physical Therapy: The goal of physical therapy is getting your knee’s strength back. This is especially important after an injury or accident. Treating the pain and swelling associated with your knee pain is also achieved during PT sessions, and your physical therapist uses a variety of heat and cold therapies to alleviate your knee pain.
  • Steroid Injections: Using a special x-ray, your knee pain doc in NYC locates the precise area of your knee pain. Then, a corticosteroid injection is administered to the site, which reduces pain and swelling. This treatment is safe, effective, and fast-acting for knee pain relief.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: A G-block is highly effective treatment for people who have tried more conservative methods for treating knee pain and not found sufficient pain relief. Your genicular nerves carry pain signals to your brain, and a G-block effectively stops those pain transmissions.

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Why is it Best to Avoid Surgical Treatment for Chronic Knee Pain?

Knee surgery is a big deal—this is not the same thing as having your tooth pulled or an injection of Botox. Going under the knife requires a lot of planning and care, since you’ll be hospitalized and then in a rehabilitation facility for some time. The risks associated with any kind of surgery include infection and complications, which could lead to very serious consequences. Once you’re able to leave the hospital, your next stop is probably not your house. Since you’re still too weak and sore to stand or walk, you’ll likely need to spend time in a rehabilitation facility in order to receive round the clock care. Once you do return home, you’ll still need assistance with bathing, shopping, and driving. At first glance, you might think that knee surgery is easy, but when you begin to plan out all of the things you’d need to consider it becomes a pretty monumental task.

Another major risk associated with surgical treatment is the unintentional additive nature of pain pills. Prescription narcotics are given to patients when they’re recovering from major surgery to block the tremendous pain. However, the “high” associated with these pain pills becomes very addictive, very quickly. Many opiate-addicted people pinpoint their spiral into addiction after a recovery from an invasive surgery. The bottom line is: if you don’t need the surgery, find a minimally invasive treatment option.

Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with a top knee pain doc near me in NYC. You’ll find a wide variety of minimally invasive knee pain treatments, and a staff of compassionate and highly-educated knee pain specialists.