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Knee Pain Doctors






Living with chronic knee pain is a daily chore. Not only does your knee always ache, you’re constantly having to modify your daily activities to work around your pain. If you’re looking to clean your garage, make sure you have a chair ready for when you eventually need to sit and take a break. Want to go for a long, brisk hike? Make sure you choose the path that has the smallest incline so your knee doesn’t give out. Knee pain becomes like an unwanted guest that has overstayed its welcome.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our pain management doctors know how much trouble chronic knee pain causes in your life. This is why when you’re looking for a knee pain doc near me in Manhattan, it’s critical that you visit our pain clinic first before looking for other treatment methods. When you’re desperate for a solution, you might even consider a knee replacement for your chronic pain, which may not be necessary. At our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll meet with knee doctors who use minimally invasive knee pain treatments to combat your knee pain. Meeting with the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists means that you’re ready to kick out your unwelcome guest and roll out the red carpet to a pain-free life.

Who is a Top Knee Pain Doc Near Me in Manhattan?

A top knee pain doc near me in Manhattan is someone who not only has the answers for your chronic knee pain, but also listens to your concerns and makes you feel comfortable in their presence. At Pain Treatment Specialists, each of our Harvard-trained pain doctors are chosen for their outstanding backgrounds in pain medicine, as well as their commitment to each patient’s overall wellness. They differ from orthopedic surgeons in that they do not suggest surgical treatment unless medically necessary. You’ll find the following knee pain doc near me in Manhattan:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna is double certified in anesthesiology, interventional pain management, and pain medicine. He is the former Director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard Medical School, as well as a Clinical Instructor of Anesthesia. Dr. Hanna’s patients describe him as kind, caring, and very knowledgeable. His experience in the field of pain medicine and pain management is one of the best in the country.

When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re making a commitment to pursuing a pain-free life. Meet with Dr. Hanna or another top knee pain doc near me in Manhattan at our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Should I Consider a Knee Replacement?

Orthopedic surgeons often suggest surgical treatments for knee joint pain or a meniscal tear because this is how they are trained to treat knee pain. Chronic pain does not need to be treated by surgery, and can often be treated by pursuing more conservative and minimally invasive treatments. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain doctors do not suggest considering a knee replacement for the following reasons:

  • Surgery is highly invasive and leads to the threat of complications. Any time you have to go under the knife in a hospital, you need to consider the fact that complications may occur.
  • Knee replacement surgery means that you’ll be off of your feet for quite some time. Not only will the surgery require a hospital stay, but you’ll also have to enter a rehab facility after you’re done in order to build enough strength in your new knee to return home.
  • Narcotics are often prescribed after a major surgery because you’ll be in a lot of pain. The narcotics do their job quite well, and can easily get patients unintentionally hooked. One day you’re trying to recover from the pain of knee surgery, and the next you need the pain pills in order to get out of bed.
  • There’s no guarantee that just one surgery will work to fix your chronic pain. You may need multiple surgeries in order to feel total pain relief.

Instead of meeting with orthopedic surgeons, meet with a knee pain doc near me in Manhattan. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain doctors are interventional pain specialists, and get patients back on their feet with minimal downtime.

What’s The Difference Between Chronic Pain and Acute Pain?

When you book an appointment at a knee pain doc near me in Manhattan, you’ll have an in-depth discussion about your knee pain. Your pain doctor will ask you questions such as how long you’ve had your pain, if certain activities or movements make the pain worse, or if you can pinpoint a specific event that led to your knee pain. During this initial consultation, your pain doctor outlines the source of your chronic pain, as well as what category it falls under: acute or chronic.

Acute pain has a very clear delineation between when you felt no pain, to when you felt immense pain. The dividing factor tends to be a traumatic accident or fall. Perhaps you jumped and took a bad landing, or twisted your knee while ice skating. These injuries are considered acute because you can pinpoint exactly when and how they occurred. An ACL tear or meniscal tear are examples of acute injuries.

Chronic pain is due to overuse and overexertion. Athletes who complete the same motions over and over again, like golfers, runners, and cyclists, are more prone to chronic knee pain. Professions where you need to make repetitive motions, like painters, also suffer from chronic pain. Bursitis, which is also known as jumper’s knee, is a great example of a chronic pain condition.

Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with a top knee pain doc near me in Manhattan. If you’re tired of living your life around your knee pain, it’s time to make a change in the right direction. Begin by meeting with one of our knee pain doctors and see how great a pain-free life feels!