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Knee Pain Doctors






Hitting up your local farmer’s market on the weekend is a great way to find local, seasonal produce. Nothing tastes better than a ripe tomato in August, or the season’s first batch of asparagus in the spring. As you meander through the various farm stands, your knee pain becomes increasingly worse. It was a little sore when you woke up, but now the throbbing pain is making it difficult to stand without feeling like it’s going to buckle. You’re able to make your way back to the car, but know that the rest of the day will be spent with an ice pack on the couch, and not standing in the kitchen making fresh bruschetta.

Wear and tear is a common cause of knee pain, but it could also be an underlying issue such as a torn meniscus, bursitis, or torn ligament. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our board certified and Harvard-trained pain doctors are able to properly diagnose and treat your knee pain. At our cutting-edge pain clinic on Madison Avenue, you’ll find a host of minimally invasive knee pain treatments for pain management. If you’re looking to find the best knee pain doc in Midtown, look no further than Pain Treatment Specialists.

Who is the Best Knee Pain Doc in Manhattan?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, you won’t just find one top knee pain doc in Manhattan, you’ll find an entire team of them! This is because each doctor is carefully selected not only for their outstanding backgrounds in pain management, but also for their ability to connect with patients and carefully listen to their knee pain concerns. As pain specialists, each of our board certified knee pain doctors has extensive training in pain management, which avoids knee surgery or narcotics for effective knee pain relief. Here are some of the pain specialists you’ll meet at our pain clinic in Midtown West:

  • George Hanna: Double certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and interventional pain management, Dr. Hanna is one of the most qualified pain management doctors in NYC. He is a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, and was appointed as Director of Pain Innovations and Technology also while at Harvard. Dr. Hanna is well-known not only for his background in pain medicine, but also for his kind and compassionate manner with patients.

What Types of Treatment Plans Work for Knee Pain?

Your pain management doctor at Pain Treatment Specialists has a wide variety of minimally invasive knee pain treatments to choose from. This is because their pain clinic focuses on treating the source of your knee pain without surgery. If you meet with orthopedic surgeons for your knee pain, don’t be surprised if knee surgery is discussed as the solution for your pain concerns. Orthopedic surgeons are trained to use surgery for pain management. This is not the case at Pain Treatment Specialists! During your initial consultation, your knee pain doc in Midtown discusses your medical history and knee pain concerns. Then a treatment plan is devised that involves one (or more) of the following minimally invasive procedures including:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is an excellent treatment tool for chronic knee pain. PT eases your joint and muscle pain associated with osteoarthritis and other knee conditions. Your physical therapist uses exercise, strength training, and heat and ice therapy to help improve the flexibility, fluidity, and strength in your affected knee.
  • Steroid Injections: Steroid injections work to treat inflammation and swelling in your knee. Your knee pain doctor in NYC uses a corticosteroid injection that is delivered to the precise area where you’re experiencing knee pain. This is fast-acting pain relief, and you’ll immediately feel the difference in your pain levels after this treatment.

Our pain clinic in Midtown also offers lubricant injections, genicular nerve blocks, and radiofrequency ablation of the genicular nerve. Schedule an appointment today and find out which treatment plan works best for your specific knee pain issues.

What Can I Do For Knee Pain Management At Home?

At-home knee pain management helps you get through painful days. While it is still critical to make an appointment with a knee pain doc in Midtown, you can find some pain relief with at- home knee pain management. Our Harvard-trained pain specialists recommend the following home knee pain remedies:

  1. Stay active! A knee that stays in motion is less likely to become stiff and sore. This doesn’t mean that you should lace up for a half marathon if your knee is feeling unstable, but it does mean that you should go for a walk around the block, take a few laps in the pool, or hit up a yoga class. These are the types of gentle motions that keep your knee moving fluidly.
  2. Watch your weight and keep a healthy diet. Losing a few pounds puts less stress on your knees, which already carry a pretty heavy burden every day. Avoiding processed foods and leaning toward more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and healthy proteins is good for your heart health as well as your joint health.
  3. Use RICE to help with pain and swelling. This acronym stands for “rest, ice, compress, and elevate” and gives your knee at-home pain relief.

Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists, where you’ll meet with a knee pain doc in Manhattan who knows how to treat your knee pain. When you see the Empire State Building, you’ll know you’re near knee pain relief!