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Knee Pain Doctors






Knee pain is nothing new in your life. For years, you’ve felt your knee gradually become weaker, more unstable, and ache with pain at the end of the day. Since these changes happened over a long period of time, you didn’t notice how much your knee has deteriorated. When you look back and think about what you used to be able to do without knee pain, then it’s clear it’s become a major issue in your life. In order to prevent any more damage, and get back to the old activities you used to love, you decide it’s time to find a doctor in NYC who is a knee pain specialist.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of Harvard-trained knee pain doctors are the best pain management doctors in Midtown Manhattan. Don’t settle for a knee pain doc in Manhattan who only resorts to narcotics as a treatment for knee pain. When you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with knee pain doctors who use minimally invasive knee pain treatments that get you back on your feet quickly.

What Can a Knee Pain Doc in Manhattan Do For Knee Joint Pain?

Pain Treatment Specialists is a team of knee pain specialists who spend their careers studying and applying the most cutting-edge treatments for knee pain. Their philosophy is that knee surgery is often overused as a remedy for knee pain. Instead, there are many more conservative modalities available that are highly-effective for knee pain relief, without the invasive effects or consequences of knee surgery. When you meet with a knee pain doc in Manhattan at Pain Treatment Specialists, the following treatments for knee pain are available:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy, also known as PT, builds strength in your affected knee and improves its flexibility and range of motion. A physical therapist works in conjunction with your knee doctor to treat knee pain using aerobic exercises, weights, stretches, and ice and heat therapy.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: If your knee pain is severe, then a G block offers excellent knee pain relief. It is also used as a diagnostic tool to identify pathologic changes in the knee caused by arthritis. During a genicular nerve block, your knee pain doctor uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of the troublesome nerve, and then delivers medication to numb the nerve. Typically, 3 nerves are targeted, which takes just a few minutes.

When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll see a knee pain doc in Manhattan who has a wide variety of tools available for treating and diagnosing chronic knee pain.

Who Are The Best Knee Pain Doctors in Midtown Manhattan?

Not all knee doctors in New York offer the same type of minimally invasive treatments for knee pain as Pain Treatment Specialists. For example, if you meet with an orthopedic surgeon, surgery is a likely outcome of your appointment. This is because an orthopedic surgeon is trained to treat knee pain with this specific method, even if it isn’t the best solution for your specific knee pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee pain specialists treat each patient as an individual, and strive to find solutions that avoid knee surgery whenever possible. Some of the best knee pain docs in Manhattan include:

  • Shane Volney: Dr. Volney is a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, as well as Director of Resident Education in Pain Medicine at Mass General. His approach to pain medicine is treating the whole patient, and assessing a person’s sleep cycle, overall mood and wellness, and activity levels into a customized treatment plan.
  • Michael Nguyen: As Medical Director of Pain Treatment Specialists, Dr. Nguyen takes great pride in the team of doctors assembled in New York, NY. As a top pain doctor in NYC, Dr. Nguyen’s knee pain treatments are sought-after by patients and celebrities from across the country. His peers regularly visit his pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan to observe his treatments for knee pain.

Don’t settle for knee doctors who only use surgery as a treatment for knee pain. Contact the Harvard-trained team at Pain Treatment Specialists and see how our doctors are the best pain management doctors in Midtown Manhattan.

What Are Meniscus Tears and Knee Joint Injuries?

Your meniscus acts as a shock absorber between your knee joints. If you twist your knee awkwardly, you may cause a meniscus tear or a meniscus injury. It is a common knee injury, and falls under the category of acute knee pain. Acute knee pain means that your pain can be tied to a specific motion or movement. For example, if you’re skiing down a hill and your knee twists while hitting a mogul, you may have a meniscus tear. Common symptoms of meniscus tears include pain, swelling, stiffness, and the feeling that you can’t fully extend your knee.

Bursae are small sacs that help cushion the knee joints, and also allows your knee to move smoothly. When these small sacs become inflamed due to overuse or injury, it causes the knee to swell and stiffen. This condition is known as bursitis, which is commonly called “jumper’s knee.” Athletes who repeat the same motions repetitively such as runners, basketball players, and skiers often suffer from pain and swelling caused by this knee joint injury.

Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and meet with a top knee pain doc in Manhattan. Located near Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, our team delivers the best treatment for knee pain in New York, NY.