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A Board Certified Knee Doctor Near Me in Manhattan Reveals the Best Knee Pain Treatments

Few things make knee pain flare up like a long flight in a cramped seat. No matter how hard you try, trying to balance your seat back tray, shoulder bag, and leg room in a space meant for someone half your size is an acrobatic feat. After several hours, you quickly grab your items and prepare to deplane as soon as possible in order to stretch your legs. Your first full step out into the aisle results in your knee buckling, and some very slow steps while you regain your footing. The long walk through your terminal to your ride service makes you consider consulting with a knee Dr. near me in Manhattan upon your return.

Chronic knee pain is a common affliction that affects many people on a daily basis. Too often, people suffer in silence instead of seeking medical treatment, often because they fear that knee replacement surgery is the only option for knee pain treatment. This is why it’s important to book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our board certified and Harvard trained knee specialists use minimally invasive treatments for knee pain. We offer the highest quality knee pain treatments at our pain clinic on Madison Avenue, and our fellowship trained knee pain specialists are of the highest quality.

Which Knee Dr. Near Me in Manhattan Should I Choose?

Not all knee specialists treat knee pain with the same methods. Many Manhattan orthopedics are orthopedic surgeons, and primary use knee replacement surgery to treat chronic knee pain. This is because orthopedic surgeons receive extensive training in surgical treatments for knee pain, which guides their diagnosis and treatment. At Pain Treatment Specialists, all of our knee pain doctors are fellowship trained in interventional pain medicine, which uses minimally invasive knee pain treatments for pain relief. These are more conservative treatments for knee pain, with the goal of getting you back on your feet quickly. Meet a top knee Dr. near me in Manhattan at Pain Treatment Specialists:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Dr. Hanna is fellowship trained in pain management from Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Harvard Medical School. This specialized training in pain management was followed by tenures as a clinical instructor at Harvard in anesthesiology and later as Director of Pain Innovations at Technology, also at Harvard. Dr. Hanna’s patients describe him as an excellent listener who makes them feel safe and heard while in his pain clinic.

Book an appointment today and see how quickly you can bounce back from chronic knee pain.

What do Top Knee Specialists Recommend for Minimally Invasive Knee Treatments?

When you meet with a knee Dr. near me in Manhattan at Pain Treatment Specialists, your knee specialist customizes a treatment plan for your specific knee pain. Using their knowledge of pain medicine, your knee’s structure, and your descriptions of knee pain, your knee pain doctor outlines your course of knee pain treatment. The recovery times for each of these procedures is minimal, and you’ll be up and back on your feet quickly with marked improvement in your pain levels. Our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan offers the following minimally invasive knee pain treatments:

  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist specializes in exercise science and sports medicine, which gives them a unique perspective on how to address your knee pain. Using specific motions, stretches, exercises, and therapies, your physical therapy sessions are meant to rebuild knee strength and mobility.
  • Viscosupplementation: This procedure is also known as a hyaluronic acid injection and is used to supplement the key component of your knee’s joint fluid. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, the grinding feeling in your knee is often caused by a loss of joint fluid. This injection adds a key component needed for smooth, fluid motions in your knee.
  • Steroid Injection: Knee pain and swelling are easily treated by steroid injections. A knee Dr. near me in Manhattan uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of your knee joint inflammation, and then administers a corticosteroid injection. The result is a knee that has much less pain and stiffness than before the injection.

Easily located on Madison Avenue, you’ll be glad that you made an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists instead of suffering in silence any longer. Life is too short to spend it with knee pain!

Is Knee Replacement Surgery a Good Option for Knee Pain?

Knee replacement should only be considered when every other option has shown ineffective. The goal of the interventional pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists is using a wide variety of consevative treatments to treat knee pain. Knee replacement surgery should only be considered when these methods are exhausted, and knee replacement surgery is medically necessary.

One reason you should avoid knee replacement surgery is the long recovery time. After the dangerous and invasive surgery, you’ll still need at least 4-6 weeks of recovery time in order to heal. Think of all of the things you won’t be able to do independently after a knee replacement surgery, and consider if this option is still viable for you.

Another reason you should avoid knee replacement surgery is the exposure to addictive narcotics. Prescription opioids are given after surgery to help people with the immense pain, but patients often become unintentionally addicted to these pills. Any time you can avoid opioids, you should.

Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, where you’ll meet with a knee Dr. near me in Manhattan who provides effective knee pain relief. Located near the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll no longer have to worry about a cramped flight hurting your knees. We can’t, however, help you with the in-flight meal!