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Knee Pain Doctors






Sometimes it feels great to crank up the music and show off your best dance moves… even if it’s only your dog in the audience. Dancing is a great stress reliever, and when there’s no one around to judge your very obvious lack of coordination, it can actually be quite fun! Using your vacuum as your dance partner, you twist and spin, eliminating dust bunnies from corners when suddenly your knee radiates with pain. You squeal, knowing that someone has indeed put baby in a corner… because you can’t move right now.

What just happened? Knee pain commonly affects many people, but when is it time to see a knee doctor in NYC? A knee pain doctor is best seen sooner rather than later, and can offer a wide variety of minimally-invasive knee pain treatments. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our Harvard trained knee pain doctors in NYC are the top knee specialists in New York, as well as the best hip specialists in New York. Our knee specialists in NYC are different from the best orthopedic surgeons near me because they do not use knee replacement surgery as their only treatment option. If you visit a knee surgeon near me or an orthopedic knee surgeon, know that surgery will be the main focus on the conversation. Find a knee pain doctor in NYC that uses interventional pain medicine, and not knee surgery, as one of their knee pain treatment options.

The Top Knee Doctor in NYC

The best knee doctor in NYC isn’t necessarily the best orthopedic surgeon. This is because the best orthopedic doctor near me relies on surgery as the final treatment option for chronic knee pain. It’s best to see a knee doctor in New York that is an expert in interventional pain medicine, such as the team at Pain Treatment Specialists. An interventional pain doctor uses a variety of minimally-invasive knee pain treatments to treat knee pain in NYC. Dr. George Hanna, one of the top knee Doctor in NYC, completed a pain management fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Harvard Medical School. He then became a member of Harvard Medical School’s faculty, where he taught medical students about anesthesiology and pain management techniques. He provides this same expertise to patients experiencing knee pain in NYC.

If you want to meet with the top knee specialists in NYC, look no further than Pain Treatment Specialists, the Harvard trained team who knows how to treat your chronic knee pain without surgery.

How Does a Knee Doctor in New York Treat Knee Pain?

Treating knee pain is not a “one size fits all” approach. Your knee pain doctor in NYC uses your initial consultation to discuss your specific knee pain concerns, and then create a customized approach suited just for you. If you consult knee surgeons near me or Manhattan orthopedics, you’ll find that the only option offered is knee surgery. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our interventional pain doctors use the following minimally-invasive knee pain treatments:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is used in conjunction with pain relief treatments such as injections and nerve blocks to ease knee pain. Your physical therapist creates a customized series of movements and strengthening exercises that build strength in your affected knee.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation of Genicular Nerve: The abbreviation for this cutting-edge knee pain treatment is GNRFA. Your knee specialist in NYC uses two needles to deliver heat energy, which deactivates your genicular nerve. These nerves transmit pain signals to your brain, so when they are blocked, so is your pain.
  • Steroid Injection: You knee doctor uses an x-ray or ultrasound to guide a steroid injection into your inflamed bursa, muscles, and tendons. This injection reduces pain and swelling, while providing dramatic pain relief.

Schedule an appointment with Pain Treatment Specialists to see how our knee doctors in New York avoid surgery and use state of the art knee pain treatments to achieve a pain free knee.

Why is Knee Replacement Surgery a Bad Idea?

The best knee doctors in NYC know that knee replacement surgery is not the best option for treating chronic knee pain. Even if you meet with the best orthopedic surgeons, surgery will be an option that keeps coming up. However, the top knee specialists in New York at Pain Treatment Specialists will utilize every minimally-invasive pain treatment before even thinking about knee replacement surgery as a viable option. If you were to ask top knee doctors in NYC why knee replacement surgery is a bad idea, here are their top reasons:

  1. Knee Surgery Has No Guarantee of Efficacy: The outcome of knee replacement surgery, or knee surgery, is unknown. Your body may not react well to the surgery, or the problem may not be fixed by just one knee surgery. Measuring the efficacy of knee surgery can only happen after the surgery is completed, which is a very long process. Minimally-invasive knee pain treatments show their results much more quickly, typically either during or after your appointment.
  2. Surgery is Disrupting to Your Life: If you had to be off of your feet for 6-8 weeks, who would help you? Scheduling surgery requires a lot of extra help and extra planning to make sure that you’re able to receive the care you need while you have reduced mobility. You’ll also need to plan for being out of work, not being able to drive, and not being able to run normal errands for this time frame as well.
  3. You Can Become Addicted to Narcotics: Recovering from knee replacement surgery requires heavy duty pain relief, often in the form of prescription narcotics. Patients can become unintentionally addicted to these pills while seeking knee pain relief.

Don’t let knee pain put, or keep, you in a corner! Schedule an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists. Located near the famed Empire State Building this knee pain clinic, and the top knee doctors in NYC, are easy to reach and easy to talk to about your chronic knee pain.