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Knee Pain Doctors






Knee pain causing constant headaches in your life? You’re not alone! Many people silently suffer with chronic knee pain while walking, running, standing, or exercising. Every time they walk up a flight of stairs, they know that their knee is going to ache. Every weekend night out standing to watch your favorite band will leave you unable to move the following morning. Trying to anticipate all of the aches and pains you’ll potentially feel causes lots of people to just avoid the things they normally love doing. This becomes bad not just for your physical health, but for your emotional well-being, too.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, the top knee doctor near me in NY, our team of Harvard trained knee pain doctors want to get you back on your feet and doing what you love. Instead of relying on knee replacement surgery like orthopedic surgeons do, our knee doctors in NYC use interventional pain medicine treatments such as injections and nerve blocks to relieve your chronic knee pain. You can easily schedule an appointment online at our Midtown Manhattan pain clinic, or give us a call to find a time that works best for you. Either way, booking an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists is the first step to taking control back over your chronic knee pain.

Who Are The Best Knee Doctors Near Me in NY?

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of interventional pain doctors are carefully vetted to ensure the highest qualifications and training. Our pain doctors aren’t just experts in bones and joints, sports injuries, and knee pain issues, they’re also experts at developing quality relationships with each person who walks through their state of the art pain clinic. Behind each patient’s knee pain is someone who isn’t living their best life, and the best knee pain doctors near me at Pain Treatment Specialists know how to improve each patient’s life. Let’s meet our team of top knee pain doctors in NYC:

  • Dr. Michael Nguyen: After graduating with honors from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Nguyen became certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology in pain medicine. His expertise in the field of pain management is highly-regarded by his colleagues in this domain, and he is a pioneer for many of the knee pain treatments that are currently used across the world.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi is a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, so she knows what it’s like to suffer from sports injuries and still have to perform at a high level. Her speciality lies in fluoroscopic-guided knee pain treatments, which utilize her knowledge as a top knee pain Dr. in NYC to pinpoint the precise location of your knee pain.

Located on Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, Pain Treatment Specialists is easily accessible by subway, train, or foot. Schedule an appointment today to see how easy it is to reach our pain clinic, and how it’s even easier to talk to one of our Harvard trained pain doctors.

What Types of Knee Pain Treatments Work for Sports Injuries?

If you’ve suffered a sports injury, there’s no need to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon or consider a knee replacement just yet. A knee doctor near me in NY, such as the pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, utilize a wide variety of minimally-invasive knee pain treatments that are highly-effective at treating knee pain. Since our knee pain doctors spent their careers mastering these knee pain treatments, you know that you can trust their efficacy. Some of the knee pain treatments offered at our pain clinic include:

  • Steroid Knee Injections: Using an x-ray, your knee pain doctor in NY finds the exact location where your knee is hurting. Next, a local anesthetic is applied to the area where the injection occurs to reduce pain. Then, your knee doctor injects a steroid, such as a corticosteroid, which reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. One of the benefits of a steroid knee injection is that it is fast acting, and gets you up and moving almost immediately after the procedure.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: For patients who do not react well to steroid knee injections, a G-block can be the next step in providing effective knee pain relief. This block does exactly as its name implies– it “blocks” pain signals from the affected nerves in your knee from reaching your brain. Your knee pain doctor uses x-ray guidance to find the exact location of your painful nerve.

It’s time to schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists to see how quickly, and easily, you can get rid of chronic knee pain for good.

What Are Other Side Effects of Knee Pain?

When your knee aches, you know it right away. You can feel a grinding or crunching sensation when you bend it, or even just a general soreness after a long bike ride. You may even feel like your knee is about to give out when you’re walking or running, which is a sure sign that you’ll be spending a lot of time on the couch that evening.

What can’t be seen are some of the hidden effects of knee pain. People living with chronic pain often feel depressed, anxious, or worried. This is due to the constant anticipation of how your knee pain is going to alter your day. If your friends make plans to go out after work, are you able to stand or walk to the location? If this causes your knee a lot of pain, you’re likely to decline the offer. Constantly saying “no” to friends and family, as well as activities that you enjoy, can put a toll on your mental health.

Insomnia is also a common side effect of chronic knee pain, since it can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Your knee may also radiate with pain after a long day, which does not subside when it’s time to hit the hay.

It’s time to stop avoiding things you enjoy and schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists. Our pain clinic is located near Penn Station on Madison Avenue, and is housed with the best knee doctors near me in NY.