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Knee Pain Doctors






Where Can I Find The Top Knee Doctor Manhattan?

If you’re struggling with knee pain and looking for the best knee doctor near me manhattan, then you aren’t alone. The knee is a complex joint and rarely gets time to rest. Millions of Americans experience knee pain, ranging from sports injuries and broken bones, to chronic underlying health conditions like arthritis. If you leave your knee pain untreated, it could potentially get worse or even lead to further health complications. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s causing your pain and how best to treat it.

Unlike many other manhattan orthopedics, the top Harvard pain doctors at this exceptional pain clinic manhattan avoid using invasive procedures or risky surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons can rely too heavily on knee replacements, invasive procedures and narcotics to treat knee pain. Health researchers are shedding light on the negative side effects of undergoing invasive procedures which require long recovery periods and over-reliance on narcotics. On top of these risk factors, it is no secret that the U.S. is in the middle of an opioid epidemic, with soaring addiction rates and overdoses becoming increasingly common.

The best way to treat knee pain that promotes health and avoids risk is via minimally invasive procedures. Regardless of the treatments you’ve had in the past or the reason for your knee pain, these board certified Harvard doctors use non-invasive procedures to get you back to full health. You won’t have to worry about risky and unnecessary surgery or narcotics because these pain doctors are passionate about using cutting-edge technology and minimizing health risks. Some examples of the best treatment options include steroid injections, radiofrequency treatment and physical therapy.

If you’re interested in exploring the full range of treatment plans available with a top-rated Harvard pain doctor, it’s vital you book an appointment with this Harvard clinic Midtown. Surgery is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and there are many ways to treat your knee pain in a low risk and highly effective way. Our friendly and caring team will be able to answer any questions you have and can schedule an appointment with a top new york orthopedic doctor.

Who’s The Best Knee Doctor NY?

Now that we’ve taken the time to discuss where you can find the best knee doctor near me manhattan, it’s important to explore what makes a top knee pain doctor. As we’ve discussed so far, it’s vital you explore treatment options before committing to orthopedic surgery. Many highly experienced surgeons rely on surgical procedures and narcotics to treat a range of knee conditions. However, surgery can be extremely complicated and is not always necessary! That’s why it’s recommended you discuss the latest minimally invasive treatments with a Harvard knee pain doctor.

The best knee doctor near me manhattan will have the following criteria:-

  • Minimally invasive treatment choices – all of the top Harvard doctors at this pain clinic manhattan are passionate about providing the latest conservative treatments which promote health and avoid risk. Rather than using risky and invasive surgeries, they recommend the latest techniques in regenerative medicine which boast highly successful outcomes.
  • Harvard doctors – you can be rest assured that you’re being treated by the best New York orthopedic. This top-rated team of Harvard doctors have achieved medical training of the highest quality. They continually contribute to medical research and attend conferences, author scientific articles and create content for medical textbooks. They have undergone rigorous selection procedures to provide you with the latest pain treatment options.
  • Board certification – board certified doctors have achieved the highest possible levels of medical training. All of the doctors at this top knee pain clinic NY are double (and even triple) board certified.
  • Friendly and caring staff – these Harvard doctors believe in establishing healthy doctor-patient relationships. They understand why you may be concerned about your knee pain and will work with you to ensure your custom care plan meets your requirements. Having a positive doctor-patient relationship is conducive to a positive recovery journey.
  • State of the art clinic – the best knee doctor near me manhattan is based in a modern and friendly pain clinic in the heart of the Big Apple. It is conveniently located near Grand Central Station and Penn Station. This top clinic midtown manhattan regularly welcomes patients from around the world. 

What Are The Best Knee Treatments?

Regardless of your type of knee pain, a top knee doctor near me manhattan will create a custom care plan to suit you. This plan involves a recommendation for a minimally invasive treatment option in conjunction with physical therapy. Physical therapists can work with you to assist in building up strength, mobility and flexibility in the knee joint.

At this top-rated Harvard pain clinic Manhattan, you won’t have to worry about risky surgeries or narcotics. These highly experienced knee pain doctors are passionate about combining the latest techniques in medicine with a holistic approach to health. Let’s look at the best knee treatments currently available.

Steroid Injections

Steroid injections are usually the first line of treatment for knee pain. Steroid injections contain a local anesthetic and corticosteroid medicine which reduces inflammation in the knee joint. They are highly effective in providing long-lasting pain relief by reducing any pain, redness and swelling in the knee. Some patients receive 2-3 steroid injections over a period of time to benefit from the full effects of them.

Genicular Nerve Block

A genicular nerve block (also known as a G block) can be used both diagnostically and therapeutically. G blocks enable pain doctors to undertake pathological tracking of the health of the knee. G blocks can help doctors identify changes in the knee over certain periods of time.

A genicular nerve block is also highly successful in treating knee pain. The genicular nerves are located in the knee joint and send pain information to the brain. When the brain registers this information, the patient experiences knee pain. A genicular nerve block is when a pain doctor injects local anesthetic near the genicular nerves in the knee. Numbing the genicular nerves blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. G blocks can help patients avoid risky and unnecessary knee surgery and are a popular treatment choice for those experiencing chronic pain.

Radiofrequency Ablation of the Genicular Nerve

Rfa treatment is an exciting and innovative area of pain medicine. It works on a similar principle to a G block as it also prevents the transmission of pain information from the genicular nerves in the knee to the brain. However, rfa treatment uses alternating heat technology to increase the temperature of the genicular nerves as opposed to local anesthetic which is used in a G block. Heating up the genicular nerves deactivates them and stops them from transmitting pain signals to the brain. Rfa treatment is highly effective in providing long lasting pain relief without worrying about narcotics.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyaluronic acid is a component of synovial fluid in the joint. Synovial fluid ensures the knee can move easily and smoothly over slippery cartilage. However, changes in the volume of hyaluronic acid can occur over time or due to health conditions, like arthritis. The lack of lubricating fluid means the joint struggles to glide smoothly. The knee joint then becomes stiff, sore and swollen. A pain doctor can inject hyaluronic acid directly into the knee joint. The increased volume of hyaluronic acid increases the fluidity of the joint, enabling better movement.