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Knee Pain Doctors






Extra time on the weekend is perfectly suited for trying out a new baking recipe. While you were leisurely watching a cooking show that morning, you spotted a carrot cake the host created and thought, “I should make that today!” You dust off your old stand mixer, break out the measuring cups, and get to work on your batter. Realizing that you need a vegetable peeler for the carrots, you squat down to check your bottom cabinet. As you stand back up, your knee gives out and you take a tumble to the floor. Wincing in pain, you realize that your Betty Crocker daydreams won’t come true today.

Knee pain is highly common, and many people face this at some point in their lives. However, when your knee pain invades your daily life and causes you to alter your activities it’s time to meet with a knee doc in NYC. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of Harvard-trained pain doctors are knee specialists who use minimally invasive knee pain treatment options. If you’re afraid of meeting with a knee pain doctor because you don’t want to discuss knee replacement surgery, know that our pain doctors do not recommend knee replacement surgery unless it is medically necessary. When you meet with our knee specialists, you’ll be able to spend your day happily baking in the kitchen, and not moping in pain on the couch.

Visit a Board Certified Knee Doc in NYC for Knee Pain Relief

When you’re ready to eliminate knee pain from your life, it’s time to find a trustworthy knee doc in NYC. Your first call should be to a knee specialist who is also a pain medicine doctor, like the team at Pain Treatment Specialists. If you’ve considered speaking with orthopedic surgeons about your knee pain, know that knee replacement surgery is the likely outcome. This is because orthopedic surgeons’ training focuses on using surgery as their primary treatment option. At Pain Treatment Specialists, all of our knee specialists are pain medicine doctors, which means that they employ more conservative treatment methods first. Some of the knee pain doctors in NYC you’ll meet with include:

  • Dr. George Hanna: Double board certified in anesthesiology, pain medicine, and interventional pain management, Dr. Hanna is one of the most qualified knee pain doctors in NYC. His patients consistently rate his treatment as outstanding, and note his depth of experience as well as his sympathetic demeanor as reasons why they’ll continue using Dr. Hanna as their knee pain doctor.

What are the Best Treatment Options for Knee Pain With Minimal Recovery Times?

When you’re looking at knee pain treatment options, looking at the various recovery times is a critical component of your decision. A total knee replacement obviously requires a great deal more recovery time than a steroid injection. At Pain Treatment Specialists, we know how important it is to get patients up and back on their feet quickly. This is why we only employ minimally invasive knee pain treatments with quick recovery times, minimal discomfort, and the most effective results. The following is a preview of some of our treatment options:

  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is an excellent way to build strength and stability in your knee. Your knee doc in NYC works with a physical therapist to create a customized set of motions and exercises designed to repair and recover your injured knee joint, torn meniscus, or torn ligaments.
  • Viscosupplementation: If you suffer from knee osteoarthritis, your body may not produce enough hyaluronic acid, which is a key component of knee joint fluid. This fluid keeps your knee pliable and flexible, and when it’s in short supply your knee joints produce a lot of painful rubbing and friction. Viscosupplementation is an injection that supplements your knee’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: Also known as G Block, this procedure works for severe knee pain. Your knee doc in NYC treats your knee’s genicular nerves, which transmit pain signals to the brain. A local anesthetic is used to numb the affected genicular nerves around the knee.

Knee replacement does not have to be the only treatment option you explore. Visit a knee doc in NYC who uses minimally invasive knee pain treatments for chronic knee pain, like the team at Pain Treatment Specialists.

Why Should I Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery requires long recovery times, as well as a risky and invasive surgery. During this procedure, you’ll need to be admitted to the hospital, go under anesthesia, and have synthetic replacement parts inserted into your body. Afterwards, you’ll need to spend a few days recovering in the hospital, and may even need to stay at a rehabilitation facility while you regain strength.

Once you return home, you’ll still need full-time assistance bathing, getting dressed, and doing daily tasks. In addition to the arduous recovery process, you’ll also be faced with taking prescription narcotics for pain relief. These pills are highly addictive, and many people unintentionally become “pill poppers” after recovery from surgery. Any time you can avoid taking prescription opioids, you should do so.

When you visit a knee doc in NYC, you can bake your cake and eat it too! Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and say goodbye to knee pain for good.