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Knee Pain Doctors






Who’s The Best Knee Doc Near Me Midtown? | A Pain Doctor Weighs In

Nowadays, many orthopedic surgeons can be too quick to suggest knee surgery and narcotics for knee joint pain. Partial and total knee replacement surgeries are becoming more common. However, surgery is not always the best way to maximize your health. In some instances, surgery is not even necessary and can occasionally lead to more health issues.

Some of the most common risks associated with knee surgery include: –

  • Blood clots
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Issues with general anesthetic
  • Wound infections

In addition to these risks, patients have to contend with long postoperative recovery periods. During this time, there is also an increased risk of overreliance on narcotics, NSAIDs and opioids to combat the postoperative pain. This can lead to problems associated with addiction and adverse health consequences. It is no secret that the U.S. is in the middle of an opioid crisis with addiction rates continuing to surge.

The great news is that the best knee doc near me midtown manhattan at this leading pain clinic NYC is passionate about using minimally invasive treatment options to diagnose and treat knee pain. These non-invasive treatment choices combine the latest cutting edge technology with a holistic approach to healthcare so that you can get on your feet in a safe, low risk and highly effective way. Best of all, these exciting and innovative treatments are carried out by highly experienced Harvard-trained pain physicians.

Their state of the art Manhattan clinic is located in the heart of the Big Apple, near Grand Central Station. It regularly welcomes patients from around the world who come to receive first-class patient care in outstanding medical facilities. Let’s explore some of the most advanced techniques in pain medicine at this leading NYC pain clinic.

What Are The Best Knee Treatments?

Knee pain is becoming more common due to our modern, sedentary lifestyles. If you have knee pain, you might be wondering if you require invasive treatment options like surgery. However, all types of surgery involve risks and potential complications. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

The great news is that in some instances, knee surgery is not necessary. There are many minimally invasive treatment choices that maximize your health without the risks associated with narcotics and surgery. Best of all, these non-invasive treatment choices are low risk, pain free and are of the highest quality.

Let’s explore some of the latest knee pain treatments provided by Harvard-train pain doctors at this top manhattan medical center.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of joint fluid. If you have a condition like osteoarthritis, it means your knee joint is painful, swollen and inflamed as a result of wear and tear over the time. The repetitive movement of the knee joint wears down the cartilage. This means it is harder for the knee joint to move without there being friction. In some cases, bony spurs might even form. Hyaluronic acid injections are an excellent way to combat this by delivering lubricating fluid directly into the knee joint. The hyaluronic acid increases the volume of the knee joint fluid, helping it to move with more ease.

Steroid Injections

Knee steroid injections are a popular treatment option, particularly in sports medicine. During this treatment, a top knee doc near me midtown injects steroid medicine directly into the knee joint to reduce any pain and inflammation. Some pain doctors also use local anesthetic to numb the knee joint and ensure it is comfortable. Steroid injections are well-received by many individuals and have the ability to provide instant pain relief that lasts for long periods of time. Individuals can even receive 2-3 steroid injections for maximum effect.

Physical Therapy

A top knee doc near me midtown can recommend the best physical therapist to work with you during your treatment program. A physical therapist will create a unique exercise program that involves gentle exercises to increase the strength of the knee joint. Physical therapy works well in conjunction with many different non-invasive treatment procedures.

Genicular Nerve Block

A genicular nerve block (also known as a G block) is used by highly experienced pain doctors in both a diagnostic and therapeutic modality. A G block describes when a pain doctor injects local anesthetic near the genicular (sensory) nerves in the knee joint. This ‘blocks’ the sensory nerves from sending pain signals from the knee joint to the brain. G blocks help top pain doctors nyc to determine how well your knee joint is responding to the treatment. G blocks can also be used by a top knee doc near me midtown manhattan to assess if pathological changes in the knee joint (such as knee arthritis or meniscus tears) and the subsequent inflammation are the root cause of your knee joint issues.

Radiofrequency Ablation of the Genicular Nerve

Radiofrequency ablation is an excellent treatment choice for those wanting to avoid receiving steroid medicine. It describes when a knee doc near me midtown uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the genicular nerves in the knee joint. They do this by using a generator to transmit small currents of radiofrequency energy to the genicular nerves in the knee. Once the genicular nerves receive this radiofrequency energy, they heat up and become deactivated. This means they can no longer send pain signals from the joint of the knee to the brain. As a result, long-term pain relief is achieved without having to undergo risky surgery or take narcotics.

What Happens When I See A Pain Doctor?

When you visit a top knee doc near me midtown manhattan, you will be welcomed into state of the art medical facilities. You will then be met by one of our board certified, Harvard-trained pain doctors. They will spend time with you to understand your pain issue and will collect as much information as possible to inform their diagnosis and treatment plan. This may involve a physical examination of the knee, taking blood samples and obtaining a verbal medical history. Once all of this medical information has been collected, one of our highly experienced pain doctors will provide a recommendation for a treatment plan unique to your needs.

You can also be rest assured that you are receiving first-class patient care. All of the pain doctors at this medical clinic nyc are leaders in pain medicine and are highly regarded in their field. All of the doctors at this top medical center nyc are: –

  • Board certified – this means they have undergone rigorous medical examinations and are at the top of their field.
  • Harvard-trained – all of the doctors at this top manhattan clinic have received training from Harvard Medical School – the top medical school in the world. They have achieved exceptional medical training by leaders in pain medicine and are passionate about using the latest advancements in regenerative medicine.
  • Passionate – instead of relying on invasive surgeries and narcotics, all of the doctors at this nyc medical clinic are passionate about using non-invasive treatment options that maximize your health. These treatment choices are low risk, pain free and highly effective in delivering knee pain relief.

If you have knee pain, it’s important you find out the root cause of it. That’s why it’s highly recommended you book an appointment online with one of our board certified, Harvard-trained pain physicians. They will be able to conduct a thorough assessment of your pain before recommending the best treatment plan to suit you. This treatment plan will be unique to your health needs and your pain doctor nyc will ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.