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The Best Knee Center in Manhattan Offers 4 Tips for Treating Chronic Knee Pain

When you’ve got a list of things to do, it often helps you prioritize your day. You’ve got to fit in dropping off the kids at soccer practice, preparing dinner, working out, and finishing a business proposal all within a certain amount of time, and scheduling this time is critical to making sure everything gets done. You read about this organization tip once in a magazine, and it’s really helped you create daily plans that are efficient and task-oriented. Finding and using tips like this help you live your best life, and are created by people who have lots of experience in these areas. Looking for some tips about how to treat your chronic knee pain? Look no further than the highest quality pain doctors in NYC for some helpful advice.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll find a team of Harvard trained pain doctors who work with minimally invasive treatment options for chronic knee pain. Since they are not orthopedic surgeons, none of their suggestions for pain management involve surgery or dangerous narcotics. Instead, these nationally recognized pain doctors encourage you to contact our knee center in Manhattan in order to create a customized knee pain treatment plan. Here, we’ll offer our pain experts’ top 4 tips for treating chronic knee pain.

Tip #1: Visit Our Pain Clinic

If you’re afraid that knee replacement or hip replacement surgery are the only answers for your chronic pain, we encourage you to visit our knee center in Manhattan. The pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are not orthopedic surgeons, which means that they do not suggest surgery unless it is medically necessary. Too often, a knee replacement is used for pain management when more conservative treatments are more effective for pain relief.

Many people also delay attending to their knee pain because life gets in the way. We’re all busy, and finding time to care for yourself is difficult. Pain Treatment Specialists makes this process much easier by assigning a personal concierge for each person that begins the treatment process. Your concierge verifies your insurance coverage, and also schedules appointments that are convenient for your schedule. The only thing you’ll have to do is make the first phone call to our Midtown Manhattan pain clinic, and let us take care of the rest!

Tip #2: Meet Our Pain Doctors

The best reason to visit our pain clinic for your aching knees is how caring our pain doctors are, and how much they want to restore your quality of life. You’ll find a partner in your pain doctor, and a sympathetic ear who understands how debilitating chronic knee pain is in your daily life.

One of our top-rated knee pain doctors is Dr. George Hanna, a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. He is also the former director of Pain Innovations and Technology at Harvard, and Chairman of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Chilton Medical Center. His is nationally recognized for his work in the field of pain medicine, and is an author of textbook chapters and scientific articles about anesthesiology and pain management. His patients describe him as a “top-notch professional” who is “caring, understanding, and empathetic” to patients’ medical needs.

 If you’re considering knee replacement surgery for your chronic knee pain, first visit Midtown’s Pain Treatment Specialists. As the best knee center in Manhattan, we have a wide variety of minimally invasive knee pain treatments at our cutting-edge pain clinic on Madison Avenue. Schedule an appointment with one of our Harvard trained knee pain doctors and find relief from your chronic knee pain.

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Another one of our exceptional pain doctors is Dr. Shane Volney. He is also a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, where he taught anesthesiology, pain medicine, and palliative care for 7 years. Dr. Volney used this background and training during his time in Kenya, teaching these pain procedures to local doctors in underserved communities. Like Dr. Hanna, he is actively involved in the pain medicine community and authors medical textbook chapters related to pain management. One patient even says that Dr. Volney “is the best doctor I’ve ever had.”

Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and see for yourself how easy it is to talk to our kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate pain doctors.

Tip #3: Seek Conservative Treatment Options for Knee Pain

Instead of jumping the gun and going right to knee replacement surgery, it’s worth your while to see what kinds of treatment options exist for chronic knee pain. You can explore more conservative treatments for knee pain that provide long-lasting pain relief without the challenging after effects of an invasive surgery.

Physical therapy is an excellent tool to increase your knee’s strength and range of motion. During your PT sessions, your physical therapist uses their knowledge of sports medicine to create a customized series of stretches and exercises based on your knee pain condition.

Corticosteroid injections are also an excellent tool for reducing pain and swelling in your knee. Your knee pain doctor determines the exact area for injection, and then administers the medicine. You’re back on your feet the same day, and feel a great deal of pain relief. A lubricant injection is used for patients who may have lost knee joint fluid due to wear and tear or osteoarthritis. This injection helps improve your knee joint’s movements and allows all parts to move more fluidly.

Not sure what treatment is right for you? Book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists and allow our expert pain doctors to determine the proper course of your knee pain treatment.


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Tip #4: Try At-Home Knee Pain Remedies

If you’re experiencing knee pain before your first appointment with us, there are some ways to mitigate the pain you’re feeling. First, follow the RICE method for pain and swelling. RICE stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate, and when used together provide effective relief from knee pain and swelling. You can also continue exercising, as long as it involves gentle movements and doesn’t put too much stress on your knee joint. Over the counter medicines provide short-term pain relief and help take the edge off when your knee begins to ache.

Want more tips about how to take care of your chronic knee pain? Schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists , located near the Empire State Building in Midtown. As the top knee center in Manhattan, not only is our advice on chronic pain top-notch, it also helps you live your best life without pain.


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