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Knee Pain Doctors






Living in NYC means you’re all about that pedestrian life. It’s a relief to not own a car and deal with the headaches of commuting, maintenance, and traffic. Normally, walking for all of your errands is a breeze, but your knee is really aching after a weekend spent hiking upstate. Now, the thought of skipping down to your neighborhood bodega for an egg and cheese bagel seems like too much pain, even for that tasty treat. You’ve had knee pain before, but this time it’s really interfering with your day-to-day routine.

You’re ready to take action and find a solution, but are not sure about the best doctor to see for knee pain. A quick online search of “knee specialist NYC, knee doctor New York, and knee specialist near me” reveal Pain Treatment Specialists at the top of every search queue. As the top knee pain doctors in NYC, their team of Harvard trained knee specialists utilize minimally invasive knee pain treatments for chronic knee pain. Living with knee pain in NYC is no fun, and it looks like visiting the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists, conveniently located on Madison Avenue in Midtown, is the way to go.

How to Heal Knee Pain in NYC

Getting proper treatment for your knee pain in NYC is critical to living your life to its fullest. You’re tired of rescheduling appointments, telling your friends that you can’t go out, and spending your evenings resting on the couch. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our knee specialists in NYC know how much knee pain negatively affects your life, and strive to find effective solutions that don’t require knee surgery or narcotics. At our knee pain clinic in Manhattan, you’ll find the following minimally invasive knee pain treatments:

  • Physical Therapy: PT is a highly effective way to treat, and also prevent, chronic knee pain. Your knee doctor in New York works along with a physical therapist to create a customized treatment plan that uses specific exercises and motions to build strength in your knee and also relieve knee pain.
  • Steroid Knee Injection: A steroid knee injection reduces pain and swelling in your knee. Your knee pain doctor uses a special x-ray to determine the exact location of your knee pain, and then administers the corticosteroid injection.
  • Genicular Nerve Block: Your genicular nerves transmit pain signals to your brain. A genicular nerve block works to prevent those pain signals, which provides instant knee pain relief.

When you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’ll meet with knee pain management doctors who use their expertise to properly diagnose and treat your chronic knee pain.

Why Should I Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery in NYC?

If you’ve met with an orthopedic doctor for knee pain, it’s possible that knee replacement surgery in NYC is a consideration. When it comes to your knee an orthopedic doctor or orthopedic surgeon might suggest surgery as a solution for your joint pain, meniscus tears, or knee arthritis. At Pain Treatment Specialists, we are knee specialists in New York who do not advise knee surgery unless it is medically necessary. There are many other ways to treat knee pain in NYC that do not involve invasive surgery, and those should be utilized first before taking the drastic step of knee replacement surgery. Some reasons why our knee doctors in New York avoid surgery include:

  1. There are many other knee pain treatments that work for pain relief. A knee replacement is a drastic step, and our knee specialists prefer to use pain management treatments such as nerve blocks and steroid injections for pain relief. These often provide the level of pain relief that patients desire without a major surgery.
  2. Surgery is painful, and requires a long recovery time. When you have a knee replacement surgery, you’ll have to be in the hospital, then a rehabilitation facility while you recover. The pain you’ll feel will be immense, and you won’t be able to walk right away.
  3. What happens if you go through with a knee replacement surgery and you’re still feeling knee pain? That would mean additional surgeries are required for knee pain relief.

The best doctor to see for knee pain is a pain management doctor, like the Harvard trained team at Pain Treatment Specialists. Schedule an appointment with the best knee doctors in NYC who are committed to knee pain relief without knee surgery.

What Can I Do At Home for Joint Pain and Knee Swelling and Redness?

At home knee pain remedies help relieve the pain and swelling and pain and redness you feel from joint pain and knee arthritis. You should still follow through with your appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, where our knee specialists in NYC provide long-term knee pain relief. However, you can find some pain relief through a variety of at-home knee pain treatments including:

  • RICE: RICE is an acronym that stands for “rest, ice, compress, elevate.” Many athletes use these steps for pain and swelling while recovering from training or injuries. Rest your knee as much as you can, and avoid repetitive motions that put additional stress on your legs and knee joints. Ice your knee with an ice pack in 20 minute intervals, which provides pain relief and reduces inflammation and swelling. Compress your knee with a bandage when you know that you’ll be up and about for a long period of time, and elevate your knee when you’re home to reduce pressure.
  • Stay active!: Yes, one of the steps of RICE is resting, but too much rest actually makes your knee stiff. Keeping your knee moving with gentle, fluid exercises like swimming or yoga keep your knee joints flexible and your heart healthy.

Located near the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan, Pain Treatment Specialists are the best knee pain doctors in NYC. Schedule an appointment today to finally get rid of knee pain in NYC.