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Knee Pain Doctors





Knee pain is a common pain condition that affects millions of people every day. When you think about all of the motions your knee goes through on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that from time to time your knee aches. You have to squat down to pick up the baby, bend your knees to walk up stairs, kick your leg during kickboxing class, and use repetitive motions to walk down the block. Your knees also suffer cartilage and muscle breakdown as we age, and also due to wear and tear. How do you know if your knee pain is serious, and where can you find relief from knee pain near me in New York?

When knee pain affects your daily life and causes you to change your plans, it’s time to call Pain Treatment Specialists. Located in Midtown Manhattan, our knee pain doctors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of meniscus tears, knee joint problems, and chronic knee pain. Once you’ve met with our Harvard trained and board certified knee doctors in NYC, you’ll wish that you made that appointment sooner! The difference in your knees, and the quality of your life, improves drastically after a visit to our knee pain clinic.

Who Can Relieve My Knee Pain Near Me in New York?

The answer is easy: the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists are where you’ll find help for knee pain near me in New York. Each of our knee doctors in New York are carefully selected not only for their outstanding reputations in the pain medicine community, but also for their exceptional patient relationships. All of the knee pain doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists listen carefully to patients’ knee pain concerns, and do not rush patients through their appointment. Their goal is returning patients to a pain free life using minimally invasive knee pain treatments. Some of the pain doctors you’ll find at our knee pain clinic in NYC include:

  • Namrata Khimani: Dr. Khimani’s expertise in pain medicine focuses on lower back and knee pain. She was born and raised in New York, graduated from Harvard Medical School with honors, and is a nationally recognized pain specialist by the American Board of Anesthesiology. In addition to her extensive training, patients describe Dr. Khimani as patient, thorough, and kind during their knee pain consultations.
  • Shane Volney: Double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Volney was also a Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School. He also is a regular contributor to national medical conferences on pain management, in addition to authoring scientific articles and textbook chapters on pain medicine.

Patients who have knee pain near me in New York recommend the knee doctors at Pain Treatment Specialists because of their extensive backgrounds in interventional pain medicine, and also how welcome they feel at their knee pain clinic in Midtown.

What Can a Pain Management Doctor Do for Chronic Knee Pain?

Trying to avoid certain movements, activities, or exercises only works for so long. Eventually, you’ll be forced to walk up stairs, climb an incline, or squat down to grab something. Even if you’re very careful with how you move, your chronic knee pain still flares up. When you’re not finding sufficient pain relief on your own, it’s time to schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, where you’ll see how our cutting-edge and minimally invasive knee pain treatments eliminate the need for you to spend a day walking on eggshells. Some of the pain management treatments offered include:

  • Radiofrequency Ablation of Genicular Nerve: This knee pain procedure even sounds high tech! Abbreviated as GNRFA, this procedure uses 3 needles that are guided by a special x-ray. These needles use heat energy to block your genicular nerves, which transmit pain signals to the brain. The result is effective pain relief without steroids and only using a local anesthetic for injection site pain relief.
  • Steroid Knee Injection: Your knee pain doctor uses an x-ray to determine the exact location of your knee pain, and then injects a corticosteroid injection into the inflamed space of the knee joint. A corticosteroid injection provides instant pain relief, but may also raise your blood sugar. This is why your pain doctor inquires about your medical history before this procedure.

You’ll find effective relief from knee pain near me in New York at Pain Treatment Specialists. GNRFA and steroid knee injections are just 2 of the minimally invasive knee pain treatments offered at our knee pain clinic in Manhattan.

What is the Difference Between Chronic Knee Pain and Acute Knee Pain?

You can easily treat knee pain with minimally invasive knee pain treatments. During your initial consultation, your knee pain doctor asks a series of questions that helps them determine the cause of your knee pain, as well as the proper course of treatment. Some questions may include your medical history, present pain and swelling concerns, or previous knee joint issues or osteoarthritis diagnosis. From there, your knee pain doctor identifies either chronic, acute, or medical conditions as the cause of your knee pain.

Chronic pain occurs from overuse, and is characterized by pain and swelling, pain and redness, knee instability, inability to straighten your leg, or limping. Your chronic pain comes from repetitive motions, such as kicking, jumping, or bending your knees while skiing. A common example of chronic knee pain is patellar tendonitis, which is also known as jumper’s knee. Bursitis, which includes inflammation of the tiny, fluid-filled sacs near your joints called bursa, is another common chronic knee pain condition.

Acute pain happens after a specific incident, like a fall or a car accident. ACL injuries, meniscus tears, broken bones, and ligament damage are all common injuries stemming from an acute trauma.

Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and septic arthritis are examples of an underlying medical condition causing your knee pain, which is why your pain doctor inquires about your medical history.

Located in midtown Manhattan, you’ll find effective relief from knee pain near me in New York at Pain Treatment Specialists. Book an appointment today and kick chronic knee pain out of your life.