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Knee Pain Doctors






When you live in Midtown Manhattan, you have one of the widest selections in the world to choose from in literally every direction. In just over 2 square miles, you have one of the densest sections in the entire country, and it’s brimming with coffee shops, delis, doctors, and shops. With such an overwhelming variety, where can you find the best knee pain doc near me in Midtown? You don’t just trust advertisements on the bus or subway, and want to know that your pain management doctors are of the highest quality in the city. You’ve lived with chronic pain for too long to settle for second-rate pain management treatment.

If you look at patients’ reviews of board certified pain management doctors, Pain Treatment Specialists  appears again and again at the top of every list. This is because all of our Harvard-trained pain doctors are not only expert pain specialists, but also sympathetic to each patient’s chronic pain concerns. During your visit at our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll feel at ease with each of our pain management doctors, and also impressed by their cutting-edge and sparkling clean facility on Madison Avenue.

Meet the Top Knee Pain Doc Near Me in Midtown

A top knee pain doc near me in Midtown should not only have an excellent reputation among their patients, but also an impressive background in pain medicine and minimally invasive pain treatments. At Pain Treatment Specialists, each of our pain doctors are carefully selected for both of these criteria. When you leave our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll not only feel better physically, your mind will feel at ease knowing that you had a great experience and are on the way to a pain-free life. Some of the top knee pain docs near me in Midtown include:

  • Dr. Michael Nguyen: Dr. Nguyen is the Medical Director of Pain Treatment Specialists, and proudly staffs this award-winning clinic. He is world-renowned pioneer in pain medicine, and ushered in many of the current procedures used across the world for pain treatments. Dr. Nguyen completed his residency and advanced pain fellowship training at Harvard Medical School.
  • Dr. Shane Volney: Dr. Volney is a former Clinical Instructor at Harvard Medical School, where he taught anesthesiology, pain medicine, and palliative care to medical students. He regularly presents at national medical conferences regarding the latest advancements in pain treatments, and is a former Director of Resident Education in Pain Medicine at Mass General.
  • Dr. Laura Lombardi: Dr. Lombardi completed an interventional pain medicine fellowship at Harvard, and her anesthesiology residency at Columbia University- New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, and specializes in fluoroscopic-guided pain procedures.

Dr. Lombardi, Dr. Volney, and Dr. Nguyen are just a few of our top-rated and highly distinguished staff. Schedule an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists and experience the highest level of patient care in Midtown Manhattan.

What Are the Best Minimally Invasive Treatments for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, such as neck pain, lower back pain, and knee pain, is easily treated with minimally invasive pain treatments. At a knee pain doc near me in Midtown, you’ll discuss how these minimally invasive pain management treatments work to alleviate your chronic pain. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of pain management doctors do not use surgical treatments unless medically necessary. Instead, our pain doctors use their expertise in pain medicine to create a customized treatment plan that provides highly-effective and long-lasting results. Some of the cutting-edge pain management treatments used at our pain clinic in Midtown include:

  • Radiofrequency Ablation of the Genicular Nerve: A total joint replacement can be avoided with this cutting-edge pain treatment. This is a new option for patients who have suffered from chronic knee pain or other failed knee surgeries. Also known as GNRFA, this treatment cuts the nerve supply to a painful structure, which allows greater mobility and decreased pain.
  • Physical Therapy: Physical therapy, or PT, is a much more conservative modality for pain treatment. Your physical therapist works with your pain doctor to create a series of stretches, ice and heat therapy, and exercises that work to increase your strength and flexibility.
  • Steroid Injections: A corticosteroid injection reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation in an affected joint. After one treatment of a steroid injection, patients report increased mobility and decreased joint stiffness.

When you book an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, you’re making a commitment to finding a solution for your chronic pain. Our pain doctors do not rely on surgery for pain relief, and instead have a wide variety of minimally invasive pain treatments that work for your chronic pain.

What Are The Hidden Effects of Chronic Pain?

One of the most difficult aspects of living with chronic pain is that other people can’t “see” what you’re feeling. Yes, they might see you have a hard time getting up or that you move a little more slowly, but it’s different than seeing a visible injury marked by a bruise or a cast. This takes an emotional toll on someone suffering from chronic pain, as they likely hear that they are “faking” their sick day or “just don’t want” to go out and do things. This can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, and even depression.

Chronic pain is also unpredictable, and can strike without notice. You might be having a fine day and looking forward to an evening out, but when chronic knee, back, or neck pain rears its ugly head, you know you’ll have to cancel your plans. Getting a good night’s sleep is also difficult with chronic pain, as it’s hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Insufficient sleep is also linked to mood swings, forgetfulness, and an increased chance for higher blood sugar and blood pressure.

Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists, which is conveniently located in Midtown. Nearby landmarks include Penn Station and the Empire State Building, which let you know you’re about to receive the best knee treatment near me in Midtown.