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Knee Pain Doctors






Taking a walk around the block is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise, and see what’s happening in your neighborhood. This might be the first time you notice a new bakery that’s popped up, or remind you to duck into the salon and make an appointment for a haircut. However, if you suffer from knee pain, just a trip down the stairs to the street is enough activity to get your knee aching. Where can you find the best knee doctor near me in Midtown?

Look no further than Pain Treatment Specialists, located on Madison Avenue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Our board certified pain doctors use the latest in minimally-invasive knee pain treatments at their medical center in Midtown. Our pain doctors offer orthopedic care for your knee, but are not orthopedic surgeons. This is because our interventional pain doctors do not recommend knee replacements at their state of the art medical center, but rather suggest knee pain treatments in NYC such as physical therapy, ablations, and steroid injections. You’ll receive the highest quality care at our pain clinic in Manhattan, and a team of Harvard educated doctors ready to treat your knee pain in NYC.

The Top Knee Doctor Near Me in Midtown?

When you do some research about the top knee doctors near me in Midtown, you’ll see that not all knee pain doctors are the same. Orthopedic surgeons offer orthopedic care that typically results in a total knee replacement. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our interventional pain doctors avoid knee surgery at all costs because surgery is both painful and highly disruptive to your daily life. Here is one of the top knee pain doctors in NYC that you’ll meet when you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists:

  • Dr. Michael Nguyen: As a board certified pain medicine expert by the American Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Nguyen’s depth of experience in the field of interventional pain medicine is world-renowned. His published studies about advances in pain medicine and minimally-invasive knee pain treatments are used worldwide by his colleagues in this field.

Dr. Nguyen is one of the top knee doctors near me in Midtown. You’ll meet the rest of the Harvard trained team when you schedule an appointment at Pain Treatment Specialists, the top knee doctors near me in NYC.

What Are The Highest Quality Knee Pain Treatments?

The answer to this is simple: any knee pain treatment that doesn’t involve surgery! This is because knee replacements and knee surgeries are not always guaranteed to work. You could go through the pain of knee surgery just to realize that your knee pain still exists. At Pain Treatment Specialists, our top knee pain doctors in NY use a wide variety of knee pain treatments that are both minimally-invasive and also highly-effective at treating knee pain. Some of the knee pain treatments found at our medical center include:

  • Physical Therapy: Your knee pain Dr. in NYC collaborates with a physical therapist to create a plan for physical therapy. This is done to build strength in your knee, and help you recover from an accident or injury. Physical therapists are specially trained in your knee’s anatomy, and know exactly what types of movements or exercises work to improve your knee’s range of motion.
  • Injections: A steroid knee injection is a great way to relieve pain and increase mobility in your knee. Your knee doctor in NYC uses a carefully placed needle to pinpoint the exact area where you’re experiencing pain, and then injects the corticosteroid. You’ll feel tremendous pain relief, and be back on your feet quickly.

Don’t wait any longer to feel knee pain relief. Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialists, and see how our top knee pain treatments in NYC get you up and moving… without pain!

Why Should I Stay Away From Knee Replacement Surgery?

If you decide to visit an orthopedic surgeon instead of a knee pain doctor, you can guarantee that the orthopedic surgeon is going to suggest knee placement surgery or knee surgery. Why? That’s their business! If you don’t accept the surgery, your orthopedic surgeon is out of a job. Even if knee replacement surgery or knee surgery isn’t the best solution for your knee pain, you may feel pressured into accepting this as your only option.

At Pain Treatment Specialists, our team of Harvard trained pain doctors are experts in interventional pain medicine. They know that surgery should only be used as the last option if pain medicine and minimally-invasive knee pain treatments aren’t working for you. One of the reasons why our doctors are so highly-recommended is because they use their in-depth knowledge to return patients to a pain-free life, without the use of knee replacement surgery or dangerous narcotics. They know that knee surgery is a tremendous disruption in every aspect of your life, and strive to get patients back on their feet quickly.

Book an appointment today at Pain Treatment Specialist, the top knee doctors near me in Midtown. Conveniently located near Penn Station and the Empire State Building, the top knee pain specialists in Manhattan are easy to find, and even easier to talk to about your chronic knee pain.